DOMA goes away…

So the “defense of marriage act” has been overturned. I want to say something about this that might shock many of you.


Government has no business deciding who can or cannot marry. Period. Christians who do not want homosexuals to marry on biblical basis are welcome to be displeased, but the fact is that we do not live in a christian theocracy. A christian theocracy would be ideal… to christians… but we live in a federal republic, one which should be secular in it’s actions.

If you choose to believe that God hates homosexuals or whatever, then I invite you to explain how God “weighs” one sin versus another, especially if you have given your life to Christ, and explain to me exactly how someone choosing to be a homosexual is worse than a woman who does not go away from society during her period and hide in a cave, or why it is that there is no outcry against Red Lobster, given the biblical laws against them.

Freedom means that you get to choose your path, whether right or wrong, so long as you don’t harm others within society in the process. Religious freedom means that you can practice your religion as you see fit so long as you don’t harm others in society in the process. Disallowing a person’s choice to be legally bound to another person because YOUR personal belief says that what THEY are doing is wrong is, quite simply, wrong.

Don’t think so? That’s ok. You believe that your beliefs, morality, etc, is the “right” way and that people should be forced into doing it your way. I hear that. You’re in good company on that belief. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Nero, Caligula… just to mention a few.

Make a choice. Do you want other people allowed to sin and general freedom, or do you want a theocracy with the tyranny that goes along with it? Christian theocracy has worked so well in the past, don’t you think? The Spanish Inquisition went well…

Let’s face it, people. Until Jesus Christ comes back and steps up as the “benevolent immortal dictator”, all governments will be ruled by man, and guaranteed to turn into something horrifying given enough time and power. Do you want them to visit upon you the same tyranny you want to visit upon them?


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