How the 2nd Amendment benefits everyone…

Do those who commonly call for gun control and an end to the 2nd amendment think that the second amendment doesn’t afford them rights and protections as well? I hear this most commonly from liberal minded people, so let me toss out a scenario: 2016-A backlash against Obama leads to a far right candidate being elected to President, as well as far right candidates gaining control of the congress. 2017-Christian values are legislated, homosexuality is declared illegal, speech is censored, and liberals are placed “under watch”. 2018-An alleged terrorist act is committed on Washington DC at the Supreme Court. The justices are wiped out. The President passes a new act-the “Keep America Safe” act, and moves to register and investigate anyone who speaks against the government. The congress and president bring in a new set of S.C. justices who are all Extreme far right, who become a “rubber stamp” for the Pres and Congress. 2020-During the election, many candidates who appear to be doing well against the far right people in office are charged with sedition or are killed in “random acts of violence”. The Far right leadership leans further right, requiring that anyone who can not prove their citizenship either leave the country or be jailed. Abortion is declared illegal, and mandatory sentences for all crimes becomes hard labor. 2021-After another “heinous act” committed by an unstable individual, the far right leaning government declares begins registration of firearms and confiscation, with the media declaring(by government issued mandate) that they are only collecting the firearms of those who are “deemed a security risk”. 2022-Anyone who speaks against the government-in any way is deemed a “security risk”, and they are collected for psychiatric evaluation and “reconditioning”.

Consider this: With the second amendment, all of those whose rights are trampled throughout this are able to get firearms and fight all of this-and would have support from those “unreasonable” gun owners who want freedom and liberty before anything else. Without firearms, nothing can stop this freight train, and the United States becomes a one-party system, and effectively an oligarchy. Paranoia? Perhaps. Read up on the rise of the third reich and get back to me-this sort of thing HAS happened before. The second amendment is for EVERYONE and protects EVERYONE. So long as the government has to fear armed insurrection, extremism cannot come to power successfully.


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