The nature of evil…


What goes through the mind of someone who does evil things?

I don’t mean your everyday evil, the guy who stabs a man for the few dollars that may be in his pocket. I don’t even mean the spectacular evils of Charles Manson or Jeffrey Dahmer.

I mean people like Stalin. Hitler. Pol Pot. Mengele. They commit atrocities that go beyond the scope of imagination for most people, but how in the world do they get there?

Are they born to it? I can’t imagine a child saying,”When I grow up I want to have millions killed,” or,”I want to perform medical experiments on unwilling people.”

I can’t help but think to myself that these people start with an idea, a great idea. They want to make the world a better place somehow, to improve their lives, the lives of their people or even just perhaps their families.

They start with nothing bu the best of intentions, and then something happens. They find someone, some person or group standing in their way and “those” people are now, in their eyes, evil. The world would be a better place without “them”.

But, even to get to that mindset, that place, you have to start earlier. You need a great idea, of course. Then you need a concept that “they” are different and “they” are wrong and “they” have to be stopped… and eventually “they” have to be stopped. “At any cost…”. “They” can be put to use in whatever way will make “our” lives better.

It all starts with that concept. “We” and “They”. “Us” and Them”.

Watch yourself in your thoughts, in your goals and dreams and your pursuit of them. Be mindful of who “they” are, to you. The greater your goal, the grander and more powerful the idea, the greater lengths you’ll go to accomplish them.

In order to save “us” you have to defeat “them”. Everything that follows from that thought is a matter of degrees.


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