Divided we fall…

Black vs White.

Liberal vs Conservative.

Christian vs Atheist.

Rich vs… everyone else.

These divisions are brought to the forefront of our social consciousness by our mainstream media.  These are the things highlighted by journalists in order to capture our attention to gain ratings and sell papers and magazines.

They are unnecessary, though.  The only purpose in highlighting these things is to maintain the divisions in our society.  Ask yourself-who does that serve?

My opinion-it serves the government.  It keeps the citizens focused on their problems with each other and not the systemic issues that exist throughout our government.

Have you paid attention to recent elections?  George Bush was a nice enough guy, but probably a puppet.  John McCain was about as desirable a presidential candidate as Mussolini, and ran against someone who the media refused to show anything negative.  Romney, on the other hand, seemed to be a nice guy, but who seemed to have much of the same agenda as the man he ran against.

The man who won, Barack Obama, ran on the idea of “hope” and “change” and “moving forward”.  The only idea that really came through for me from either of the times he ran for president was that he supported socialism.

I say all that to say this-we are presented with the choice, every election it seems, with bad and worse.  We vote for (and fanatically support) the “least bad” and put them at the head of our government.  Having two “parties” which are diametrically opposed simply makes us have to choose some “bad” things with some “good” things when we vote.

The divisions in our society prevent us from doing anything to fix it, either.  Nobody can get together and make a move similar to Egypt, with millions marching on DC in order to demand change in the Federal government and an end to “party” politics.

Nothing can be done because the people are divided.  People who are for abortion and gay marriage can’t march with a person who waves a bible because their views differ, even though they would both be served by bringing real change to the system.  Few black people would march with white people (and vice versa) because “they” are “different from us” and “they” don’t understand “our” problems.  The rich, well, they will get richer, no matter the situation presented.  The poor will be focused on the other divisions of our society, as well as being made consistently aware that poor is equal to powerless.

Until we can overcome these things, our ballooning, out of control federal government will continue to balloon in size and act as it chooses, no longer as a servant to the citizens of the US, but in support of their own personal goals, keeping, maintaining, and increasing power for themselves.

Even if change was made, though, how our lot as a nation would improve is pretty unclear, to me.  Would people be able to move on and act together to build up our country and improve the lives of our citizens after such an act?  Could an electoral system be put into place that brings an end to the concept of “the guy with the most money and who is loved by the media wins”?  Could people effectively eliminate political parties, and be able to vote on leaders based on individual merit?

Given human nature, I’m just not sure.  It has been said that the US would best be served by a revolution every 50 years or so.  After that time, the system will have spoiled, tyranny will be on the rise, and individual rights will be sacrificed, because people will have forgotten just how ridiculous the government had been before.

Revolution, bloodless or armed, though, is not something that can be reasonably considered as long as we remain divided by the things I mentioned before.  Can these divisions be overcome?  How?



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3 responses to “Divided we fall…

  1. Soul searching question at the end. Great article.

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