No hope for peace in the middle east(even against zombies)?


This article starts off interestingly, pointing out that, at least in a fictional zombie apocalypse, Israelis and Arabs can come together against a force that is mindlessly destroying the species.  As you go on, however, it darkens.

The film is seen as too “pro-Israel” in arab circles, apparently.  The idea that there ever can be peace between the two, even when faced with a threat to all of humanity, is called difficult to imagine.  I don’t get it.  How can a racial hatred run so deep that it cannot be put aside, even for a fictional situation?  Worse, what would happen in reality?  Would the Israelis find that those they had saved in the fictional world would immediately begin trying to kill Israelis or something?


What madness.  I think I have to use the “Cthulhu approves” stamp for this one.  If racial hatred runs this deep, especially if it turns out to run this deep in other examples of racial hatred, then there really is no hope for the human race.


Cthulhu would be so proud.


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