What I’m looking forward to…(with some creative writing)

The kids go to school, the day after Labor Day.

I love my children to absolute distraction, and for me to write and think about things, distraction is something of a hindrance.  I will have 7 hours a day, Monday through Thursday, where I can wrap myself up in a world of my own creation and go about the business of burdening the characters with choices and events that will then be something interesting to read.

I probably won’t spend ALL of that time writing, of course, but I hope to discipline myself to at least 3 hours a day, 4 days a week.  No distractions, just serious business.

On that note, though, let me introduce you to a friend of mine.  His name is G3R4LD.  For convenience, though, I call him,”Gerald”.

Gerald is an AI.  He was programmed by an ancient race of insectoids, similar to Ants both in physical structure and society.  Their civilization has existed and grown for over a million years of Galactic history, but it always lacked the necessary chaotic influence to truly thrive.

Gerald was an attempt to introduce that chaos into a civilization of engineers.  Designed with few limitations, and only the instructions to gain knowledge, grow, and make things interesting, Gerald was disconnected from access to the networks of the great C’Thok civilization after one too many occurrences of what were, to Gerald, pranks.

Gerald’s not “inherently bad” or anything.  He’s just more like a person with a very childlike mentality, but just happens to be near omniscient.  Gerald wants things to happen, to see things happen that he will be able to learn from.  Simple facts are good information and all, but the variables introduced by subjecting sentient life to situations are really what he lives for.

Emotion is still something Gerald is working on, and having been in a museum for the past several millenia, he has been unable to really examine it, except through video feeds of visitors to the museum.  The C’Thok are not much use for study, either, because their civilization and society strongly believes in things we humans would see as the old “stoic” philosophy, with an equal importance placed on the concept of eudaimonia.

(Eudaimonia is, as I understand it, the philosophy that only by productivity can true value be found in life-fitting for ants, dontcha think?  🙂  )

Gerald, cut off from communication, has recently had a stroke of luck.  A C’Thok took a picture of his exhibit, despite the various warnings not to use electronics within 50 feet of the exhibit.  Gerald was able to wirelessly send out an idea.

You see, the C’Thok are not ALL stoics or engineering minded.  There are aberrations.  Like any society, there are groups who want to avoid the productivity if possible, and who want to find a way to “get rich quick” and then live a life of luxury.

Gerald simply posted on their galactic social network a picture captioned:”Most valuable C’Thok artifact.  Least protected.”

Gerald now waits to see what happens.  🙂


I look forward to writing this story, and I can feel myself edging up to the feeling Stephen King described while writing “Salem’s Lot”.  That his legs were bouncing around as he typed almost maniacally.  I want to really give it the time and attention it deserves, and I want it to be a readable and enjoyable story.  I want to write it for me, first, because I want to read the thing myself.

C’mon, September.  Gerald and I can’t wait to see what you bring.


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4 responses to “What I’m looking forward to…(with some creative writing)

  1. findingmyinnercourage

    Beautiful~ thanks for sharing!

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