For my fellow bloggers… thoughts on the spam folder.

You ever go to your comments page, and out of sheer curiosity click the “spam” folder?

I look at all these posts, a couple of them could, possibly, be “real” comments, you know?  “I reblogged this on blablablog. wordpress. com and commented about the great information!”

But, what if there are people somewhere who are taking the time to read the article and say things like, “Questions asked are good answering information.  This post information is great been looking for!  Thank you!”  (This was in response to my story snippet “Something Dark”)

I sort of wonder what a conversation would be like with one of them…  Here’s an attempt at my imagination of it.


Me: Hello!

Spam: Yes, great information just like what I said Thursday!

Me: Excuse me?

Spam: Well, you know you are missing out on hundreds of thousands of additional visitors, don’t you?

Me: Oh really?  How am I missing out?

Spam: Because I found a great deal on shoes at this website and it just stereo speakers my cheap hats!

Me:  Are you on some kind of medication?

Spam: Thank you for this!  Information is the best thing and this information is great!  Could you expand on this?

Me:  Um, probably not.


Then I picture this ‘Spamperson’ stalking me for the rest of my life, interjecting it’s random thoughts into my every waking moment.


I wonder what would happen if I “spammed” them with philosophical expositions and the occasional creative concept.  I wonder if, to them, that would be an unthinkable hell.

Maybe I should try it.  😀







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11 responses to “For my fellow bloggers… thoughts on the spam folder.

  1. I do check my spam. The only thing I’m a little cautious about is getting a virus from something on my computer. By the way, I love that video!

    • Monty Python is awesome. I’m hoping to get the entire collection of the “Flying Circus” soon. As for the spam-the simplest thing is to make sure that anything you click on doesn’t run any scripts. I suspect that one comment out of a hundred falls in there that is a genuine comment, so it’s just sort of entertaining to look at sometimes. 🙂

      • I hear ya. And my favorite Monty Python thing is the movie of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. That’s one of my top ten favorite movies! The funny thing is, I didn’t used to have that sort of sense of humor until I met my husband. Now I like all sorts of things I never did before.
        Thanks for the tip about the spam.

  2. Thank you for this! Information is the best thing and this information is great! Could you expand on this?

    Ahem, I mean… Er, stereos. Yeah, really cool stereos. Totally not a scam.

    • I like this one…

      “great in ugg boots cheap Physiotherapy is uggs sale uk provide SWOT uggs sale uk The and uggs sale lawful a ugg sale types an”

      How deep! This makes existentialism look like something that One Direction would sing about.

      The words make me tingle… Great in ugg boots cheap… Poetry itself!

      I think that Shakespeare could learn something from this person. “But soft! What light is uggs sale uk provide SWOT? Lawful a ugg sale types an!”

      It almost makes me swoon. The rhyme, the rhythm… :sigh: Poetic genius.


  3. I hate getting spam but it’s worse when that’s all you get.

  4. I’d laugh in the face of the spamperson (I’m sorry, but spam is pointless)
    Chuck some fairy dust over them, wait fifty two seconds and SQUIBIDOOWOO…..they’d disappear without another word.

    But.,,You’re approach would probably prove more effective in the long run….

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