How to “Divide and Conquer” in politics, illustrated by the article:”The Rise of the Christian Left in America”

divide and conquer

“The Rise of the Christian Left in America” is an article by Jonathan Merritt and published on “The Atlantic” website.  You can find the article here:

I think this article makes many good points, but it provides a deeper insight into political thinking that I think most would miss.

Divide and conquer.

The group, “Christians” is a large group of voters.  This large group has a lot of power, and those who lead the group have equivalent power.  This group is seen by many to be a problem these days, though, so a concerted effort has been introduced to weaken, and if possible, eliminate it.

To do so, they planted a simple thought.  “You are not all one group, you are different groups and the other groups are destroying your power.”

Think about that for a second.

Militarily speaking, the idea of “defeat in detail” is the best way for a weaker force to overcome a stronger force.  Politically, Machiavelli would be proud of them.

This tactic is an excellent way to bring down political powers.  The republican party faces it right now, with the differentiation being made between “Real republicans” and “RINO’s” (acronym standing for Republican In Name Only).

The people of the United States face it as well, and have been facing it since the first time political parties were brought about.  The powers that be have divided and separated the people of the United States into a multitude of groups, blinding people to their power as a whole and making them easier to control.  I’m not saying that this is a conspiracy, merely that it has occurred.

Think about it.  For any real change to occur in our country we have to muster a reasonable majority of the voting populace.  The money received by those we expect to “keep an eye on things”, our journalists, inspire them to, in turn, support further “grouping” of individuals into the subsequent weaker blocks.  They reinforce this by magnifying any event which brings any conflict which occurs between these groups to greater attention.

The only way to fight his process that can not be defeated is to ignore the groups entirely.  When you do that, and “We the people” are simply a multitude of different individuals, the political actions become obvious and difficult to hide.

Many say this can’t be done.  Many people feel they have no further power and they cling to the imaginary power granted by being one of these identifiable “groups”.  Many would say that these groups grant people “strength in numbers”.

I can see how this would make sense to people, that the desire to “belong” to a group would be almost overpowering.  But, I have a secret to tell you.  Listen close.

“We the people” is a group made up of every individual in the United States.  Individuals in the group can take on any position they like, but this group, as a whole and working together, can overcome any other power brought against it.

Forget groups.  Forget color, religion, gender, financial status, and any other way they “group” individuals.  Forget all of it.

We are individuals, not groups.  We want individual rights and equality of all individuals.  We, the individuals, want our power over the government back.

You are an individual.  You deserve equal treatment and consideration before the law and by your government.  Until everyone realizes this, we give up our power, dilute it, and are able to be defeated in detail by those who would bring oppression and tyranny, all with the “best of intentions”.

How to retake that individual power

1: Passive resistance

Every time you are asked to mark a form with “gender/race/nationality/etc” make your own blank and mark it “human”.  This will infuriate the powers that be, and if enough people do it, they will realize that they need to just stop asking.

2: Actively educate

Every time someone says something in your presence that refers to a “group” pause them and say,”you mean humans, right?”  At first, they may be offended that you would point this out, but eventually the idea will spread and become common knowledge, accepted as fact.

It’s a long road from here to there, from the tendency to “group” individuals, even among the disenfranchised.  Until we overcome this, we will be nothing more than pawns to those in government.  Until then, tyranny will be at the end of the road which we travel.

You are an individual, no more, no less.  You have power.  Use it.


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