A wrting tool… and it’s free! :D

I’m using this outlining tool to help me work on a longer story.  The tool is called “Freemind”

sample freemind

(Pardon the ridiculous screenshot)

I have used it before, but not with my writing.  Before, I was modding “Dawn of War” so that all the units and such worked the way I wanted them to(something I do with every game, but I got a bit carried away with Dawn of War).

It’s a handy tool, I think, as you can expand or contract details on the fly so that you can reference back to them.  The only weakness I know of(and it may have been changed since the last time I used it) is that you can’t “grab and move” things on the “idea tree”.  You can mark things with a variety of symbols, so I suspect I will use the markings to do what I want with it.

I can’t write a whole lot right now, too many distractions that I don’t want to ignore, but working on the outline lets me feel like I’m “doing something” and keeps m mind on the story, at least in a general way, if not a detailed way.

Try it out!  If nothing else, the price is right.  (FREE!)



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