Just your average update…(fear about writing, what’s going on right now, nothing special, really.)

Just a brief note today.   Been busy trying not to get too involved in writing, waiting for September.

But… I have this weird fear.  That creativity is finite, like it’s something you can just ‘run out of’ like a mineral or something, and that once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Yes, I know, it’s ridiculous.  It makes no logical or reasonable sense, but there it is.

I’m working on it, but it’s just one of those weird little things that crops up in my brain, you know?

Other things I’m working on:

I bought a book about writing fiction novels.  It’s pretty interesting, but I think I need to start over and take notes.  Either they gave me a synopsis at the beginning(probable) or they crammed an awful lot of info in the first few pages.  I think I’ll take notes of things that stand out and then keep an eye out for them as I continue reading it.

I’m looking at possibly putting some short stories out there, too.  That’s why I’m not putting as much creative stuff on here, as I’m not sure if publishing it once I have put it up will be possible.

I’m getting a lot of advice from a good friend online, and I think he’s given me some good direction.  I’m so antsy to get started, though, you know?  Patience is something that has taken me years to learn, but I’m still far and away no master of it.

That’s where I’m at right now.  Catch ya’ll later!  🙂



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29 responses to “Just your average update…(fear about writing, what’s going on right now, nothing special, really.)

  1. I think it’s absolutely true that very few, if any, people can be consistently creative. But I say don’t worry about it. One day you’ll realize that you’re like me… Shamelessly unoriginal but determined to still have some nice chat about a few shared interests. That’s not a horrible time…

  2. Hello there!
    Oh please, do not worry. Maybe this thought will help? Think of creativity as one of them renewable energies that don’t run out? Ok that was awful.
    Creativity is like imagination? It doesn’t run out and since you’ve been sprinkled with extra special dust it won’t ever run dry. Plus, the wonderful thing about the human mind is that our ability to think is outstanding brilliant. Keep yourself occupied, allow yourself to be inspired and just go for it! Dream, wonder, think. Be creative. You ARE creative, so it will come naturally 🙂
    Obviously we have those days when we are tired. We feel that our creative juices are running thin. But we are people! It’s normal! Cool! But if you believe it won’t run out, then it will not, because you won’t let it! Yes?! The thought has crossed my mind many times before, but I dismissed them and thought, “if an idea doesn’t hit me today (you know the invisible creativity lightening bolt) it’ll hit me when the time is right.”

    That probably didn’t help, but ah, I had fun writing it!
    Have a lovely day, really, I hope you do!
    Regards, Zoo

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