Headache plus Writing equals :sigh:

My head hurts.  It hurt when I got up this morning, and it hurts less now, but it still hurts.  It’s not even a ‘normal’ headache, which, for me is just pressure and pain, sort of the way a bruise feels if you push on it, but inside my head.

Nope, for me, I get one of my infrequent but ever-popular ‘special’ headaches.  The kind that feels more like I have a sunburn or bad scrape on my frontal lobe.  It’s a very different sensation, and it sucks.  I have to wonder if it’s a food allergy (I ate and drank a couple of things I rarely eat or drink), a side effect of a medicine (took a medicine I don’t frequently take yesterday), or possibly just the equivalent of muscle pain in the brain(I sat down and wrote a chapter of my book yesterday after forcing myself not to for a month).

Anyway, here I am, blinding pain.  I want to sit down and write some more, and have managed to futz around with it a little bit, but I’m definitely not, at this time, able to pour out a good ‘story’.  It’s frustrating, you know?  I have this time, I have made plans, and now… I’m having to wait.  It’s only noon, and our housemate is off today, so I may get her to oversee the kids so I can try to write a bit later.

Right now, though?  I’m just frustrated.  And my head hurts.




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6 responses to “Headache plus Writing equals :sigh:

  1. oh mu dear!!
    you have to take some rest because you don’t look okay
    all the best

  2. RookieNotes

    I hope your head feels better!

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