Facial description… GAH!

I have never thought very hard about describing a face.  A face is a face, and the reader is going to see who they see, whether you say they have an angular or round face, a lantern jaw, or whatever.

Suddenly, though, it’s vital.  I have spent an hour agonizing over facial descriptions, after having my helpful in-house editors point out that it’s important.

Here’s a sample: Her soft round face was sprinkled with a light spray of freckles.  Her jade green eyes peeked from behind her hair, tight auburn curls that bounced playfully as she shook her head.

Yes.  That sentence took an hour of looking at pictures, thinking of how they fit the character, and then figuring out words that would convey the image in my head into words.  If you have a picture from that description in your mind, and can match it to a name of someone with a picture online, let me know.  I want to see how close I’m coming to what is in my head with my words.

Thank you in advance.  🙂


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