Research, research, research…

I’m researching.

The more I write on this story, the more research I’m finding myself doing.  On a fiction novel.

In this day and age, where people read something in a novel or see it in a movie or TV show, when I come to something that a person might possibly come across at a needed moment, I really want to get it RIGHT.  Part of it is also the importance of not ‘throwing someone out of the story’ by supplying entirely false examples of ‘how-to’ things.

For example, if my character were changing a tire in a scene, and I had them jack up the car and then pull off the lugnuts, a lot of people who had changed a tire would focus on the fact that it’s REALLY hard to do it that way, that you have to loosen the lugnuts with the wheel on the ground.

Another example, for those of you who don’t change tires, but are somewhat fanatical when it comes to spelling and grammar, would be that you may have just focused on the fact that it’s properly “lug nuts”-two words, not one. When I deal with fantastic ideas, I’ll have a lot more freedom to do as I please, but for now…

Sidenote-thank goodness for things like ‘wikihow’.  If you’re an author and need to know the ‘how’ of things, and don’t have time to examine in detail things like changing a tire, it’s a nice time saver.

As for the blog, well, I’m just really focusing on the book right now.  I have a couple of articles running around in my head, but they’re not done cooking yet anyway.  If there’s something you want to hear, get in touch.

Potential articles in mind:  “On suicide”, and “On Love”-similar to the “On bipolar” article, just logical looks at them, with a bit more microscopic detail than the average.

Spoilers-What is love?  What is not love?  Is love an action or what, exactly?

Why do people commit suicide?  Why do people talk about suicide? Is it normal or should we call the shrinks at the first comment relating to the topic?


Anyway, I’ll get to those eventually.  Patience, everybody.  Know that I’m reading you guys as I have time, and thank you to everyone who drops by.  Catch ya later!



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2 responses to “Research, research, research…

  1. I had a similar experience. I wrote a character that liked fine wine, I personally have less than zero experience drinking fine wine, so when he wanted to taste his wine properly I had to consult experts and research the process. I would hate a wine connoisseur to read my story and get side tracked by how improperly a supposed wine expert was tasting his very expensive wine.

    Great post and a very important subject to keep in mind. Writers need to get the facts right because someone else will care.

    • I’m suddenly inspired to write more in the future about people who have no skills whatsoever… ha! Seriously, though, it’s kind of a pain, as some of the things I end up researching I have less than no interest in, but some of it’s kind of cool, as well. The characters are a little bit more ‘real’ to me as I discover more about them and the things they’re interested enough in to have learned about. The more ‘real’ they are to me, the more ‘real’ they will be to the reader, the more invested the reader will be in their story… All good things, I suspect. 😉

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