Did some site research today…

There are just some things you can’t get from a picture.  I could have stuck with google “street view” and gotten visual descriptions, but how else can you capture things like the smell of an area, the texture of the stone of a building, or the weird sense you get from a certain tree that’s grown in an odd way.

On the one hand, I think this will allow me to get across some things to the reader that I wouldn’t think of otherwise.  On the other hand… I doubt that there will be many descriptions that are as “personal” in the story, except for the places strictly in my mind.  Maybe when I have money to travel I can give a description of Romania or Bulgaria or Fiji or something.   For now…  It’ll have to be either mostly made up, so well known as to be able to be described in really broad strokes, or completely from my mind.





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2 responses to “Did some site research today…

  1. samscham

    I struggle with descriptions of places a lot in my writing. I think it would help to visit certain places but not all of us can. I like to read descriptions other people have written. But in the end it’s how believable you can be. Readers will know when you’re trying too hard and when you’re insecure about certain descriptions. Make yourself believe it and just go with it.

    • Yeah, you’re right. Most of the time, that’s what I go with, unless it’s one of those settings I expect to revisit with the characters a thousand times. Then, it’s like… like spicing up dinner, you know? A pinch of description each time the reader sees a place, some little nuance that keeps it ‘fresh’…

      lol. Then again, I will probably find a lot of description being edited out if it gets ridiculous.

      It’s such a fine line to walk. For me, as a reader, I find myself scanning through much of the intricate description of Terry Brooks and Stephen King, at least the first time through the book. As a writer, I want the information, the little touches that may go unnoticed until later on, to be there for the reader without making them do what I do.

      Then again, it may all stay. I have been pretty firm with myself about refusing to go back and read through it or try to think about editing it for just that reason. I hope that the decision on the description will be left in the final hands of a real editor, but I already know what parts I’d cut.

      In the end, I’m trying not to think about it. I have to get the rough draft out, in it’s entirety, for better or worse. Until then… I’ll just fret about it uselessly.

      Thank you for commenting!

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