A story snippet for you, celebrating for me.

I haven’t been able to decide whether or not to post much of what I’m working on, but, since I passed 35000 words tonight (yay me!), I decided to celebrate by offering a tidbit for whoever may be interested.

Working title:  Fairy Dust

Jon listened, no expression betraying his thoughts to her. “So you think you’re a human, then?” he asked when she was done.
Morgan sighed, “I know, I have wings, but I didn’t until I came to this world, I swear.”
Jon nodded. He drew his fingers around the face of the previously forgotten device. A nasal female voice came from it, “Yes, Mr. Busser?”
“Ah, Sylvia, could you have Caulkins set up a room in the dormitory? Have Miriam call me, as well, please,” he said.
“Do you want me to tell her what this is regarding?” came the voice.
He sighed. “Ah, just title the message ‘lost fairy’ and mark it as important, please.”
“Yes, Mr. Busser,” came the voice.
Jon Busser tossed Morgan a friendly smile. “Well, young lady, your speech tells me that you are, if nothing else, not of this area. Caulkins will be up shortly to escort you to a room in the dormitory, can I offer you something to drink or anything?” he said, pulling glasses from an unseen desk door, followed by a pitcher of amber liquid.
Morgan nodded with a smile. He poured the liquid into the glasses carefully, and Morgan stood, taking one and having a sip.
“It’s iced tea!” she exclaimed.
“Erm, yes,” Jon said in a puzzled tone. “Were you expecting something else?”
Morgan took a long drink, draining the glass. She thought for a moment and said, “Well, no, but I expected… I dunno, like nectar or somethin’.”
Jon snorted. “I suppose nectar is good enough for the local hummingbirds, but hardly a drink worth having,” he said.
A clump from behind her made Morgan turn. An odd wooden being stood between the two enclosures. The face seemed to have been carved poorly, just eyes and a line for a mouth, it’s body amounted to a bunch of wooden cylindrical blocks stacked into a humanoid shape. The eyes glowed a dim orange as Jon called out, “Ah, Caulkins! Please escort Morgan to the dormitory and show her to the room you prepared.”
The odd being nodded and began to walk with a bouncing step to the edge of the platform.
“Erm, on foot, please, Caulkins,” Jon called.
The being paused, seemed to shake itself, then rotated it’s head around, reversed the points that formed it’s knees and walked back toward the stairs.
“Have a rest, Miss Johnson. Someone will be by soon, and Caulkins will lead you anywhere you need to go within the limits of the study home,” Jon said.
“Thanks,” Morgan said, turning to follow the bouncing wooden man as it ambled down the stairs.


The wooden man trod out of the building, heading toward what Morgan could only think of as a toadstool.
“Where are we going, Mr. Caulkins?” she asked.
The being’s head turned to face her as she followed it, it’s legs continuing to move in the same direction. It seemed to regard her for a moment, and then lifted one arm, ending in a three fingered hand, to point to the building ahead.
Morgan watched it, nothing visible seeming to join the cylinders of wood together. “Are you a robot or something?” she asked.
The being seemed to tremble for a moment, but didn’t respond.
“Can you talk?” Morgan asked, watching for the gash in the ‘head’ where the mouth would be.
The being trembled again, continuing to walk.
Morgan gave up on conversation with it, thinking, I guess not… how weird.
They walked under the edge of the cap of the toadstool shaped building. She could see an opening in the stem, Caulkins headed past it. Morgan looked around as they passed what looked like gauzy fabric separators that seemed to suggest rooms. She couldn’t make out any details of what lay inside.
The being stopped at one of the enclosures, lifting the edge of the gauze.
Inside, eight cushioned hammocks were supported by what appeared to be metal poles, set up in a bunk bed fashion. On the floor, at the end of each set of bunk-hammocks, were two small doors that laid on the floor.
She stepped inside and waited while Caulkins followed her in and stepped past. It ambled to a set of bunk beds and indicated the lower of the two, a pillow and iridescent piece of fabric draped across it. It stood there unmoving until she said, “Okay, that’s mine then.”
The being shook for a moment, then moved to the rectangular door set into the floor on the right at the foot of the bunk, indicating it. It waited like a statue.
“My locker?” she asked.
Caulkins shuddered for a moment, and then ambled out of the gauzy enclosure.
Morgan looked at the small door. Got nothin’ to put in it, she thought.
She moved over to the hammock and moved the piece of fabric. It whispered as it moved across the heavy fabric of the hammock, and she marveled at the feeling of it. Softer than satin, she mused.
She sat on the hammock, scooching herself to the center of it as it swayed. She laid down on her side, drawing the fabric up to her chin, closed her eyes and tried to fall asleep.


<end snippet>

Yeah, I know.  It doesn’t reveal very much, and that’s deliberate.  It’s a rough draft, unedited yet, and I won’t be editing until the entire book is drafted.  To be honest, I refuse to even read it until then.


Your comments are welcome, and if you have any thoughts or suggestions, I’ll note them in my spreadsheet to be considered at edit.  Catch y’all later!  🙂



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2 responses to “A story snippet for you, celebrating for me.

  1. Intriguing! In the last sentence it would be nice to know exactly what the “fabric” is and replace the word. eg canvas/sackcloth/…! Sue

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