The law of the land…

Imagine, for a moment, that the government sets a law in place requiring that people be happy and enjoy life. That’s not a bad thing is it? It would be good if everyone was happy and enjoyed life, wouldn’t it?

This sounds entirely reasonable, until the day comes when you are not happy and are not enjoying life, or perhaps you would prefer to let your experience of life come naturally, without a requirement attached.

This is the key, for me. Laws reduce freedom. Simple. Even the best intentioned laws reduce your freedom to live life as it comes. Some laws are necessary to prevent one being from harming another, sure. Any laws which require X or disallow Y, not on the basis that you harm another by doing them, but that you harm yourself or that those things are not in your best interests are madness that lead to more such laws that will eventually restrict those who originally supported the “good and reasonable laws” made on the same basis.

Holding a gun to someone’s head and insisting that they be healthy in their choices or “be happy” may be good intentioned, but it is not freedom.

“A person is only truly free if they have the freedom to err.”




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2 responses to “The law of the land…

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    • Thank you, Jason, for this heartfelt and important comment that relates so well to this post. Your input is greatly appreciated and I hope that, in the future, you find joy and happiness.

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