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Why the current budget fiasco is the entire Federal government’s fault

Imagine yourself in an average living room.  Four people stand around a small child.

The first says, “We think Jimmy should pay for his own college, so we’re going to cut his allowance in half and put some of it in a bank account for him.”

The second pulls a grenade.  “I will detonate this grenade and kill us all unless we negotiate about the amount of his allowance we’re talking about, or whether or not he should be forced to save for college at all.”

The third steps over by the first.  “I support this guy entirely, and this is a stupid way to negotiate.”

The second says, “You won’t negotiate at all unless I do this.”


We the people are Jimmy.  Actor 1 and three are the President and fellow democrats in congress.  Actor 2 is the republican members of congress.

While I understand the desire to debate the ACA and such, threatening the value of the dollar is the equivalent of pulling the pin on the grenade without releasing the handle.  The president and rest of the democrats diligently refuse to discuss Obamacare, on the other hand, under any circumstances(including mounting evidence that it’s ineffective at best, and the equivalent of child abuse on Jimmy at worst).

When Jimmy grows old enough and goes on a mad slaughter of the three adults in the room, will anyone really be surprised, or really blame him?


Just sayin’.


***Note to NSA, FBI, Secret Service, and whoever else might find this disturbing.  No overt threats were intended in this message.  This is a work of fiction and opinion.  Have a nice day!


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The Affordable Care Act-I wish someone would explain this to me.

credit: men's health

credit: men’s health

“What’s this Obamacare thing?  Shouldn’t everyone have healthcare?”

Those two questions seem related.  They look related from here, until you realize that The ACA is not all about healthcare.  The hospitals and doctors and nurses have more paperwork, monitored by the government, but no more care than is already available is provided.  This isn’t something where you sign up for Obamacare and get to go to the doctor at no charge.

For my house, here’s how it works.

Before the ACA, we did not get health insurance, because we could not afford it.  The three to five hundred dollars a month out of my wife’s paycheck in trade for coverage “just in case” just did not make sense.  We scrape by financially, as it is, and the cost just didn’t make sense.

With the ACA, we are legally required to get health insurance.  The cost has gone up, both on a monthly and copay basis.  The income we had… is the income we have.  If we do not buy this insurance, we will face a large tax, which we also cannot afford to pay.  We will have insurance, though, that we cannot afford monthly, and we won’t be able to afford the copay either, so it will go unused.

I guess the provision requiring that prior conditions be covered is good and all, but I don’t understand how that helps us if we can’t afford to go to the doctor to get the treatment because we have spent our money on insurance that theoretically reduces the cost of going to the doctor and getting treatment.

Before the ACA came into being, if we had an emergency, we went to the ER, had it fixed, and paid them back as we could.  If we needed to go to the doctor for an antibiotic or something, we went to a place with a “sliding scale” that asked us to pay an amount based on income.  We had healthcare, and if someone needed an appendectomy or something, well, we’d have to pay as we could.

Now, anything that happens, we will have to go to the ER-because they don’t ask to be paid up front.  If they change that particular policy, then we will not be able to afford to go.  Simple.

Anybody know where I can get some books on “At home surgery”?  I think I need to start studying…  The price has to be low, of course, our money is already going to ‘affordable’ health insurance.



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My “Every Breath You Take” writing method…


Sometimes, as a writer, you hit a snag.  Some call it “writer’s block”.  Some call it “burn out”.  I hit it the other day, but I still want to feel as though I’m making progress.
This song is my writing method to do it.  Every moment the “point of view” character is experiencing, I’m writing.  I might gloss over using the bathroom(who wants to share that particular experience?) but otherwise, it’s moment by moment, heavy description.  It’s slow, tedious, but hey, the story is progressing, and at some point, I’ll be able to hit my stride again.  This might end up mostly on the editing floor, but it’s coming out well, I think, even if it’s only a trickle.

Progress is progress, isn’t it?


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Where having a mental illness and writing for publication come into wild conflict…


55,000 words.  I have reached a critical point for the protagonist.  Hit by bad news a couple of months ago, with which she ‘rolled with the punches’, she is hit by another hit.

Having Bipolar and its connected weirdness when it comes to emotional response in a time of crisis makes this REALLY difficult to write about.  I forced out a chapter, but it doesn’t work.  It’s not who she is, to be basically, “Well, what do we do?”.

For me-I would shut down.  My brain would stop working for awhile.  My thoughts would be completely disjointed and unreasoned, and my outward emotion would become completely flat.  I would be like that until my brain ‘rebooted in safe mode’ (I have no idea what goes on in there or how it happens, but that’s my experience).  I would be intensely logical in dealing with the situation, almost inhumanly so.  All options would be on the table for consideration, and I would want to weigh them all.  I would want to get alone for awhile to think through it, then possibly seek some kind of assistance/advice.

The bad thing is…  I am not the person my protagonist is, nor have I experienced what she is experiencing.

She’s 18 years old.  Her parents were killed in a house fire which she thinks was caused by some nefarious entity.  She did her best to get through it, with the help of her best frioend and her best friend’s family.  She went ahead and began college, attending a few days/couple of weeks of classes.  She escorted a guy that sparked her interest home after he injured herself, but then got freaked out by unfamiliar things in the evening in the city, fell in a fountain that turned out to be a portal to another world, and while there, found out that she is somehow connected to the fae beings that live there.

She made it back to this world, reunited with the friend, went to a party with her friend, and they were drugged.  The friend has been kidnapped and taken through a portal.

Now she wakes up.  She’s a strong person, but good grief, she’s under a LOT of strain.  Does she shut down?  For how long?  What does she do with the guy who rescued her before she wound up through the portal as well?

I wrote a draft chapter.  It works, kind of.  If she is an emotionless robot.  Anyone  have any thing that might help?  Links to expressions of emotion, especially interior experience wourld really help me here. 

Thanks in advance!


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