My “Every Breath You Take” writing method…


Sometimes, as a writer, you hit a snag.  Some call it “writer’s block”.  Some call it “burn out”.  I hit it the other day, but I still want to feel as though I’m making progress.
This song is my writing method to do it.  Every moment the “point of view” character is experiencing, I’m writing.  I might gloss over using the bathroom(who wants to share that particular experience?) but otherwise, it’s moment by moment, heavy description.  It’s slow, tedious, but hey, the story is progressing, and at some point, I’ll be able to hit my stride again.  This might end up mostly on the editing floor, but it’s coming out well, I think, even if it’s only a trickle.

Progress is progress, isn’t it?



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5 responses to “My “Every Breath You Take” writing method…

  1. I have to share that my first published book took me a year to write, and I sat on it for another year, until my good friend Steve who is also my publisher from: had to pry it out of my HANDS! It is about my LIFE, starting as a little girl who went through Childhood Trauma with Verbal, Physical, and Sexual abuse by others, how it fueled my compulsive addicted gambling addiction later in my life, dark family secrets that tore my family apart, and Recovery with Mental illness challenges. I was afraid of what OTHER’S might think about me…….My Family I didn’t care what they thought, since My Father and 2 sisters have not talked to me in 9 years.

    I’ve been working on my 2nd & 3rd books……NOT EASY….I’ve had Major Writers block. I just keep pushing on. My first was much easier!
    I wish you all the BEST with yours!
    God Bless,
    Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon 🙂

    • What do you mean, you sat on it?

      • LOL…..I meant I didn’t really write it as a BOOK per say, so I wasn’t looking at publishing at the time I finished. I just happened to run into an old friend that is a Children’s author & writer, and Publisher. As we were catching up on what we have being doing in life, I told him about my notebooks of my writings. He wanted to take a read, and the rest is History.

        He said I had a book manuscript, and that it was good, that my Story needs to be read to help others who suffer from addicted gambling, Mental illness, and abuse. My book Released officially Nov 2012 in Paperback, and came out on Amazon as Ebook for Kindle readers a few months back, late May 2013. 🙂

      • I gotcha. Yeah, I’m totally pushing for publication, and so… no writing and sitting on it for me. 🙂 I’m hoping that what I have written will be good enough to make enough money to at least cover the down payment on a loan for the house we’re living in(owned by family who are considering selling). It’s quite the inspiration to push on and get the story out as quickly as possible.

        Big congrats on getting published, by the way. I’ll have to go check it out.

        As for the writer’s block-it helps me to talk about it with a friend who I trust to give me honest input and feedback. If I can ever help you out like that, please, let me know.

        Side note-passed 73k words last night. I’m expecting the rough draft to weigh in around 110k or so, so I’m way past the halfway point now. YAY ME! 😀

  2. Sometimes we need to stop and consolidate. I don’t write much fiction, but some days I get more actual writing done than others. Sue

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