Why the current budget fiasco is the entire Federal government’s fault

Imagine yourself in an average living room.  Four people stand around a small child.

The first says, “We think Jimmy should pay for his own college, so we’re going to cut his allowance in half and put some of it in a bank account for him.”

The second pulls a grenade.  “I will detonate this grenade and kill us all unless we negotiate about the amount of his allowance we’re talking about, or whether or not he should be forced to save for college at all.”

The third steps over by the first.  “I support this guy entirely, and this is a stupid way to negotiate.”

The second says, “You won’t negotiate at all unless I do this.”


We the people are Jimmy.  Actor 1 and three are the President and fellow democrats in congress.  Actor 2 is the republican members of congress.

While I understand the desire to debate the ACA and such, threatening the value of the dollar is the equivalent of pulling the pin on the grenade without releasing the handle.  The president and rest of the democrats diligently refuse to discuss Obamacare, on the other hand, under any circumstances(including mounting evidence that it’s ineffective at best, and the equivalent of child abuse on Jimmy at worst).

When Jimmy grows old enough and goes on a mad slaughter of the three adults in the room, will anyone really be surprised, or really blame him?


Just sayin’.


***Note to NSA, FBI, Secret Service, and whoever else might find this disturbing.  No overt threats were intended in this message.  This is a work of fiction and opinion.  Have a nice day!


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3 responses to “Why the current budget fiasco is the entire Federal government’s fault

  1. Out of curiosity, since you said “Four people [were] standing around a small child.” Who is the fourth and what’s his position?

    • That’s a “doh!” moment of mine. The fourth was to be any number of things that were either getting involved or choosing not to do so, but I decided in the end that they were extraneous. That’s what I get for writing “off the cuff” and not bothering to reread and edit. 😉

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