A letter to Wall Street Journal

There seems to be a misconception among your readers about people who work menial jobs(like McDonald’s ).  They dismiss them with the comment ‘if you’re working McDonald’s then you’re not looking for a career’.

I realize that the readers of your magazine are generally quite wealthy and disconnected from such things, but it might be a good thing for your magazine to examine some of the people who work these sorts of jobs and portray them as fellow human beings who are doing their best to survive.  Those of us who work in these jobs are generally paid very low wages(minimum wage is common, even among those who have worked there for years).

This same statement isn’t made of school or office janitorial staff, housecleaners, landscapers, or any number of other jobs that do require some training but not formal education.   This concept is almost dehumanizing, as theses people are seen as throwaways, lazy, or hopeless.

Let’s face it, though.  These jobs are necessary for our society to function.  Until robotics are financially viable and people are comfortable with them, these ‘lower class’ jobs allow your wealthy readers to enjoy the conveniences they do now.  It would be nice to be able to afford housing, electricity, food, and medical care on the money one makes for working the typical 28 hours a week(thank you Affordable Care Act).

Please help those of us in the ‘lower classes’ to seem more human and valuable to those who have the money and power.


I will be rewriting this as a better post, but I welcome thoughts now.  What do you think? 

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