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If the war on drugs is over…

I came across this article:

It’s a nice message that local police in a community is trying to help people with addiction by offering the chance for free case management and help.

What about the mentally ill?  Can we get free mental health care using the same method?  Could we walk into a police station and ask for therapy or meds?

If not, why not?

As it stands, if you have a mental illness, there is generally a multimonth wait to be seen for nonemergent reasons.  The only other option is to walk into an ER and claim suicidality.  Why do we have to go through this process?

I am of the opinion that it’s time we change this.  The world gives us a set of demands, that we conform to societal expectations, that we live with our illness quietly and seek the treatment that may or may not help us.  Fine.  If the world wants to make the demands, shouldn’t the world then provide us the possibility of care within a reasonable time and without paying what is, to those of us with a mental illness and having a low income, a princely sum?

I say all of this recognizing that the world can choose to do away with us or ignore us.  Ignoring us is perilous, given the recent events with the German plane crash, various shootings by people with mental illnesses and similar occurences. This makes it a philosophical question the world needs to answer.

Are the lives of those with mental illness of value to others?  Should they be helped? How much are their lives worth?

If not, then what?

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