How to fix the world.

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This petition is to eliminate all symbols of favoritism towards any culture or group on government buildings.

Why are we holding on to these traditions?  They cause dissention among us a a species.

It’s the 21st century. We’re holding onto concepts from centuries ago, not because they improve the world level of civilization, but because they are tradition.

I call for a restart.  We maintain our current level of technology as a starting point, but otherwise we build a new government, a new society.  We write a series of warnings for future generations, maintain historical records, but start over as a society.  The initial process would be to ake suggestions for a year from the world.  Direct democracy. This transitions into whatever basic system has the most support.  World laws are enacted to restrain the use or pursuit of any sort of inequality causing activity.  Religions are to be maintained, but are not allowed to have a vote in government.

My suggestion: 

Technocratic Meritocracy

A system of government which is based on capable people working as a team towards a goal, these people to be selected by their ability to a post that fits them.  I would suggest that we include the humanities among these posts.


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