My ideal world government

Technological Meritocracy

In a technological meritocracy, the goal would be the protection, expansion, and evolution of the Human race.  Leaders would be selected according to technical proficiency, positions within the society, education, economy, all would be decided by genetic predisposition.

It would probably be a caste system, but instead of priests and untouchables you’d have scientists at the top, but with the other cates being equal under that.

Why am I in favor of this?

We’re an inch from so many things.  Massive extension of human life.  The creation of a new life form, potentially an equal and an ally, Artificial General Intelligence.  Colonizing another planet.

We’re so focused on nonsense, though.  Who is in charge of what group of people within the confines of this land area, and which of those groups is better than the rest.

We don’t have time for that, people.  There are existential threats to our species out there.  We need to be focusing on defending our species from sudden death at the hands of any number of nightmare scenarios.  Whether you believe in climate change, demons being loosed from hell, asteroid strike or plague, planetary government makes sense.

Yes, the transition would be uncomfortable.  People may lose their ‘very own section of dirt’ or the right to enforce their beliefs of any kind on others, because the focus is survival of the species as a whole.

Think about it, though.  Wouldn’t an orderly transition to this make more sense than letting chaos of some kind decide?  Or through war?   This is the sort of government we would really have if we faced a tangible, immediate threat.

If you really need one: China, Russia and the United States are at each other’s throats with thermonuclear knives.  There are supervolcanoes in the world.  Nobody knows how many asteroids are potential world killers, we can’t see well to sunward.  How long until some microbe moves faster than the current scientific establishment? 

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