Just a man in the middle, shaking my head at left and right.

I am pro gay equality, pro second amendment, pro choice, antiabortion, pro environment and anti human controlled climate change.

The left and right are both nonsense, and both focused on controlling the world, focusing on the country I live in right now. The ultimate fact is that logic and reason are the big losers here.

Taking better care of the environment makes sense, but you don’t burn down your house if you puke on the floor. Clean up what we can, try to make fewer messes, all while trying to improve people’s lot.

How do we improve people’s lot, though? Capitalism? Socialism? How about we establish a baseline income, enough money to meet people’s needs. If you don’t make that much, then let’s provide that, and yes, raise taxes to do it. In return, you have to work, somehow. Enter data into a spreadsheet for the government, clean up a roadway, open up volunteer jobs with the forestry service or DMV. Whatever, but make it so that the money people receive is offset by some kind of contribution back into society.

Speaking of society, build housing and offer free healthcare. No, not top of the line healthcare, not personal service. Automate it as thoroughly as possible, using AI and focus on prevention. It’s tough, but if you won’t do what’s necessary to keep yourself healthy, then you can pay the premium for Healthcare and receive the luxury of private doctor care.

As far as religion goes, keep it to yourself. If Christianity is allowed special rules, then Islam will be allowed special rules, and no religion exists, that I know of, that focuses on provable fact and logic. The idea that megachurches exist and pastors live in lavish homes using funds they received that were donated by people who are trying to do God’s will makes me nauseous.

Freedom and liberty should come before all else, but there is a balance to be had. True freedom for all is only found in anarchy. Aristocracy forms when someone has followers and lives on their backs. Capitalism is aristocracy by wealth, socialism is aristocracy at gunpoint. How about we establish an aristocracy of merit, instead? Contribute to your world, your society, and have a real say of importance and value because of your proven deeds.

As far as defense and war goes, outside of treaty agreements or requests for assistance, bring the troops home and let the rest of the world go hang. Establish the highest levels of training and technology for our military, but for the most part, keep them home. To steal a phrase, speak softly and carry a big stick.

The United States should not be the morality police for the world. Assad gassed his people, they rose up and lost, so they should leave or adapt. We have treaty obligations with Israel and Turkey, so if they need help, we should be there for them. Otherwise, we shouldn’t be involved.

As for a common ground between right and left, how about space? We have the technology and resources to make it much cheaper to get into orbit. From there, we can colonize and make use of the vast mineral and chemical wealth that exists in our solar system. Need iron? Go mine an asteroid. Need power? Put the power plants in orbit. Need more living space? Build a habitat in space that is self sustaining.

The human race can do these things. Hell, our country could do them. An investment in space is an investment in the future of our entire species, and with it, we can afford to have those who have tremendous wealth and take care of those who are less able to create the most basic life for themselves.

Yes, it’s hard. It’s expensive. But it’s freaking possible. So long as we focus on nonsense like racism and requiring others to follow our morality, we doom the entire species, whether by asteroid or plague or just general societal decay.

I’m just a man in the middle, and all I can do is shake my head sadly at both sides.


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