Everything will be okay.

Everything will be okay.

I say it a lot, and I wonder sometimes if people that I say it to at least believe that I believe it.

I do.  Things change.  That’s life.  Whatever has happened, has happened, and all you can do is live in this moment, trying to make the next better.

Everything will be okay.  Don’t worry about what has happened, only try to figure out the best you can do with the situation you find yourself in.  If you can do something productive, great, do it.  If not, live and let it lie until the next time you have to deal with it again.  By live, I mean be kind to yourself.  Smile at little things, laugh at the things that strike you funny, eat, drink, sleep appropriately.

If everything wasn’t going to be okay, then there’s nothing you can do anyway.  This is a rare thing, though.  Will it be okay in 5 minutes? Probably not, if the situation is bad.  In a year?  Probably.  Anything in between depends on what you do right now.

Right now, know that everything will be okay, and that there will be opportunity for you to act in a way to have things be okay.  Act accordingly.


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