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I can’t prove it.

I can’t prove that I exist to a satisfactory level to myself.

It frustrates me.  Whatever evidence I find in favor of the idea I exist is stymied by the argument from the Matrix or the Brain in a Jar idea.

Part of my difficulties in understanding humanity may lie in the fact that this is a major issue to me.

I wonder sometimes whether it would be better if such things were utterly boring to me.

Sorry.  Just some ramblings.  I want to start trying to put some of my randomness here, so expect more like this.

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Dear humanity,

Fuck you. No, seriously.

I avoid suicide just because I’m hoping to see you really fuck things up to the point of extinction.

The ones of you that want to ‘change the world’ are hypocrites and morons. You claim you want freedom, but you fuck everything up if you get any of it. You are egocentric, and will always act in your own individual self interest when given a choice or opportunity, ignoring the effects of your decisions on anyone else.  Your idea of ‘freedom’ is just your own subjective concept that you want to force on everyone else, thus denying them the freedom to think differently.

There’s some that aren’t that way. You are more likely to try to talk the first people down or explain things to them.  Fuck you, too. You’re so THIS way that all you do is bitch and moan about things, but when the chips are down you can’t switch out of it and actually DO anything.  You fuckers would try to have a debate with an incoming asteroid.

Some of you have overcome things. Fuck you, too. Everyone overcomes something, so shut the fuck up about it. At least you knew about whatever it is that you overcame, in order to overcome it. Most everyone else doesn’t even see how fucked up they are that it doesn’t occur to them they have something that is bad enough in themselves or in life that they need to overcome it.

The ones that don’t see those things that need to be overcome, fuck you, too.  Open your eyes and do some fucking introspection.

Luckily, some people are kind enough to point out the foibles of everyone else. If that’s you, then fuck you, too. Look at your own fucking lives and fix that. Nobody wants to hear your stupid mouth unless your life is fucking perfect.

As for you perfect people. Fuck you. You don’t exist. If you think this is you, you’re fucking deluaional, so fuck you for not seeing it.

Maybe if you stupid, brain dead, mouth breathing lights of mediocrity could see any of this is true, we could get somewhere as a fucking species.

Until then, keep it up, morons. I don’t know whether to hope for it to go nuclear or for you to develop a pathogen and spill it or just devolve into unreasoning simpletons, and go out like the Neanderthals.


One of you fuckers.

I wish I couldn’t see it.  It would be so much easier.

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