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Dear humanity,

Fuck you. No, seriously.

I avoid suicide just because I’m hoping to see you really fuck things up to the point of extinction.

The ones of you that want to ‘change the world’ are hypocrites and morons. You claim you want freedom, but you fuck everything up if you get any of it. You are egocentric, and will always act in your own individual self interest when given a choice or opportunity, ignoring the effects of your decisions on anyone else.  Your idea of ‘freedom’ is just your own subjective concept that you want to force on everyone else, thus denying them the freedom to think differently.

There’s some that aren’t that way. You are more likely to try to talk the first people down or explain things to them.  Fuck you, too. You’re so THIS way that all you do is bitch and moan about things, but when the chips are down you can’t switch out of it and actually DO anything.  You fuckers would try to have a debate with an incoming asteroid.

Some of you have overcome things. Fuck you, too. Everyone overcomes something, so shut the fuck up about it. At least you knew about whatever it is that you overcame, in order to overcome it. Most everyone else doesn’t even see how fucked up they are that it doesn’t occur to them they have something that is bad enough in themselves or in life that they need to overcome it.

The ones that don’t see those things that need to be overcome, fuck you, too.  Open your eyes and do some fucking introspection.

Luckily, some people are kind enough to point out the foibles of everyone else. If that’s you, then fuck you, too. Look at your own fucking lives and fix that. Nobody wants to hear your stupid mouth unless your life is fucking perfect.

As for you perfect people. Fuck you. You don’t exist. If you think this is you, you’re fucking deluaional, so fuck you for not seeing it.

Maybe if you stupid, brain dead, mouth breathing lights of mediocrity could see any of this is true, we could get somewhere as a fucking species.

Until then, keep it up, morons. I don’t know whether to hope for it to go nuclear or for you to develop a pathogen and spill it or just devolve into unreasoning simpletons, and go out like the Neanderthals.


One of you fuckers.

I wish I couldn’t see it.  It would be so much easier.

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I’m curious about something.  Why is it that, after a number of what could be considered ‘terrorist attacks’ by the mentally ill, there was great outcry in favor of the restriction of the right to bear arms?

Why is it that there is no reported outcry for there to be a legal requirement for all citizens to carry and train with a firearm, especially after the recent attacks in France? 

It would seem to me that an appropriately armed and skilled citizenry would be of great help to the government in maintaining public safety.  Not only that, but the police would have an understandable excuse to field military grade equipment, in order to ‘outgun’ the average criminal.  Heck, it would save money, give reason to grow American manufacturing, and thus be a boon to the economy and middle class.

I mean, people say the second amendment is outdated, but perhaps they’re thinking in the wrong direction.  It should not be a right, but a requirement. Isn’t that the situation we have with health insurance?

What am I missing here? Am I correct?

For the record, this is the law in Switzerland.  I haven’t heard about any terrorist attacks there.  Maybe they’re on to something.

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Everything will be okay.

Everything will be okay.

I say it a lot, and I wonder sometimes if people that I say it to at least believe that I believe it.

I do.  Things change.  That’s life.  Whatever has happened, has happened, and all you can do is live in this moment, trying to make the next better.

Everything will be okay.  Don’t worry about what has happened, only try to figure out the best you can do with the situation you find yourself in.  If you can do something productive, great, do it.  If not, live and let it lie until the next time you have to deal with it again.  By live, I mean be kind to yourself.  Smile at little things, laugh at the things that strike you funny, eat, drink, sleep appropriately.

If everything wasn’t going to be okay, then there’s nothing you can do anyway.  This is a rare thing, though.  Will it be okay in 5 minutes? Probably not, if the situation is bad.  In a year?  Probably.  Anything in between depends on what you do right now.

Right now, know that everything will be okay, and that there will be opportunity for you to act in a way to have things be okay.  Act accordingly.

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Just a man in the middle, shaking my head at left and right.

I am pro gay equality, pro second amendment, pro choice, antiabortion, pro environment and anti human controlled climate change.

The left and right are both nonsense, and both focused on controlling the world, focusing on the country I live in right now. The ultimate fact is that logic and reason are the big losers here.

Taking better care of the environment makes sense, but you don’t burn down your house if you puke on the floor. Clean up what we can, try to make fewer messes, all while trying to improve people’s lot.

How do we improve people’s lot, though? Capitalism? Socialism? How about we establish a baseline income, enough money to meet people’s needs. If you don’t make that much, then let’s provide that, and yes, raise taxes to do it. In return, you have to work, somehow. Enter data into a spreadsheet for the government, clean up a roadway, open up volunteer jobs with the forestry service or DMV. Whatever, but make it so that the money people receive is offset by some kind of contribution back into society.

Speaking of society, build housing and offer free healthcare. No, not top of the line healthcare, not personal service. Automate it as thoroughly as possible, using AI and focus on prevention. It’s tough, but if you won’t do what’s necessary to keep yourself healthy, then you can pay the premium for Healthcare and receive the luxury of private doctor care.

As far as religion goes, keep it to yourself. If Christianity is allowed special rules, then Islam will be allowed special rules, and no religion exists, that I know of, that focuses on provable fact and logic. The idea that megachurches exist and pastors live in lavish homes using funds they received that were donated by people who are trying to do God’s will makes me nauseous.

Freedom and liberty should come before all else, but there is a balance to be had. True freedom for all is only found in anarchy. Aristocracy forms when someone has followers and lives on their backs. Capitalism is aristocracy by wealth, socialism is aristocracy at gunpoint. How about we establish an aristocracy of merit, instead? Contribute to your world, your society, and have a real say of importance and value because of your proven deeds.

As far as defense and war goes, outside of treaty agreements or requests for assistance, bring the troops home and let the rest of the world go hang. Establish the highest levels of training and technology for our military, but for the most part, keep them home. To steal a phrase, speak softly and carry a big stick.

The United States should not be the morality police for the world. Assad gassed his people, they rose up and lost, so they should leave or adapt. We have treaty obligations with Israel and Turkey, so if they need help, we should be there for them. Otherwise, we shouldn’t be involved.

As for a common ground between right and left, how about space? We have the technology and resources to make it much cheaper to get into orbit. From there, we can colonize and make use of the vast mineral and chemical wealth that exists in our solar system. Need iron? Go mine an asteroid. Need power? Put the power plants in orbit. Need more living space? Build a habitat in space that is self sustaining.

The human race can do these things. Hell, our country could do them. An investment in space is an investment in the future of our entire species, and with it, we can afford to have those who have tremendous wealth and take care of those who are less able to create the most basic life for themselves.

Yes, it’s hard. It’s expensive. But it’s freaking possible. So long as we focus on nonsense like racism and requiring others to follow our morality, we doom the entire species, whether by asteroid or plague or just general societal decay.

I’m just a man in the middle, and all I can do is shake my head sadly at both sides.

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I know how to fix rising sea levels…

The things I think about…

So… global warming is a big deal, right?  The concern being mostly that the ice from Antarctica and Greenland will melt, changing the way weather works and causing the sea levels to rise, right?

Why don’t we just build a wall around the ice?

It would be expensive, a world level project.  Capitalism may not support it, honestly.

At some point, though, we have to start thinking in terms of the good of the species, don’t we?

So…  someone give me the reason this wouldn’t work.  I don’t buy that it’s not possible with existing technology, but that’s just not true.  Unless you think we couldn’t build the Great Pyramid with existing technology, but I doubt that’s the case.


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My ideal world government

Technological Meritocracy

In a technological meritocracy, the goal would be the protection, expansion, and evolution of the Human race.  Leaders would be selected according to technical proficiency, positions within the society, education, economy, all would be decided by genetic predisposition.

It would probably be a caste system, but instead of priests and untouchables you’d have scientists at the top, but with the other cates being equal under that.

Why am I in favor of this?

We’re an inch from so many things.  Massive extension of human life.  The creation of a new life form, potentially an equal and an ally, Artificial General Intelligence.  Colonizing another planet.

We’re so focused on nonsense, though.  Who is in charge of what group of people within the confines of this land area, and which of those groups is better than the rest.

We don’t have time for that, people.  There are existential threats to our species out there.  We need to be focusing on defending our species from sudden death at the hands of any number of nightmare scenarios.  Whether you believe in climate change, demons being loosed from hell, asteroid strike or plague, planetary government makes sense.

Yes, the transition would be uncomfortable.  People may lose their ‘very own section of dirt’ or the right to enforce their beliefs of any kind on others, because the focus is survival of the species as a whole.

Think about it, though.  Wouldn’t an orderly transition to this make more sense than letting chaos of some kind decide?  Or through war?   This is the sort of government we would really have if we faced a tangible, immediate threat.

If you really need one: China, Russia and the United States are at each other’s throats with thermonuclear knives.  There are supervolcanoes in the world.  Nobody knows how many asteroids are potential world killers, we can’t see well to sunward.  How long until some microbe moves faster than the current scientific establishment? 

My petition:

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How to fix the world.

click here to sign.

This petition is to eliminate all symbols of favoritism towards any culture or group on government buildings.

Why are we holding on to these traditions?  They cause dissention among us a a species.

It’s the 21st century. We’re holding onto concepts from centuries ago, not because they improve the world level of civilization, but because they are tradition.

I call for a restart.  We maintain our current level of technology as a starting point, but otherwise we build a new government, a new society.  We write a series of warnings for future generations, maintain historical records, but start over as a society.  The initial process would be to ake suggestions for a year from the world.  Direct democracy. This transitions into whatever basic system has the most support.  World laws are enacted to restrain the use or pursuit of any sort of inequality causing activity.  Religions are to be maintained, but are not allowed to have a vote in government.

My suggestion: 

Technocratic Meritocracy

A system of government which is based on capable people working as a team towards a goal, these people to be selected by their ability to a post that fits them.  I would suggest that we include the humanities among these posts.

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