I know how to fix rising sea levels…

The things I think about…

So… global warming is a big deal, right?  The concern being mostly that the ice from Antarctica and Greenland will melt, changing the way weather works and causing the sea levels to rise, right?

Why don’t we just build a wall around the ice?

It would be expensive, a world level project.  Capitalism may not support it, honestly.

At some point, though, we have to start thinking in terms of the good of the species, don’t we?

So…  someone give me the reason this wouldn’t work.  I don’t buy that it’s not possible with existing technology, but that’s just not true.  Unless you think we couldn’t build the Great Pyramid with existing technology, but I doubt that’s the case.



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Courtesy joobili.com

Courtesy joobili.com

I took French in high school.  I can speak a tiny bit, but what has always really had me in awe of France has been their history.

The names and places that have sprung from those lands, Napoleon Bonaparte, The Sun King, Voltaire, Sartre, Rousseau, and so many more, give rise to imaginings of heroism, great thinkers and astounding ideas.

courtesy wikimedia

courtesy wikimedia

The architecture is amazing as well.  Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Champs Elysees, even the catacombs of Paris, the fortresses of the Maginot Line.  It’s all just astounding.

courtesy cdn.citylab.com

courtesy cdn.citylab.com

The culture is awesome, too.  I only know what I know from movies and news reports, but their passionate nature gives rise to rebellion, conquest, hedonism, and an almost amusing arrogance.

What a country.  What a people.

They must be destroyed.

Courtesy danieldupre at deviantart

Courtesy danieldupre at deviantart

For all the great things that these people have brought to the world, they have done one unfathomable thing, above all others that, to me, suggests they simply want to watch the world burn and will do whatever it takes to bring this about.

They take chocolate bars, put them on french bread, and call it a sandwich.

Courtesy photos-a-la-con.fr

Courtesy photos-a-la-con.fr

This sort of thing simply cannot be allowed.  It brings into question everything, the joy of chocolate, the savoriness of bread, existence and reality themselves.  It’s the ultimate insult to the taste buds that simply cannot be allowed.

I’m sorry, France.  You have to go.  I may visit you one day, but your madness must end before it destroys us all.

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My ideal world government

Technological Meritocracy

In a technological meritocracy, the goal would be the protection, expansion, and evolution of the Human race.  Leaders would be selected according to technical proficiency, positions within the society, education, economy, all would be decided by genetic predisposition.

It would probably be a caste system, but instead of priests and untouchables you’d have scientists at the top, but with the other cates being equal under that.

Why am I in favor of this?

We’re an inch from so many things.  Massive extension of human life.  The creation of a new life form, potentially an equal and an ally, Artificial General Intelligence.  Colonizing another planet.

We’re so focused on nonsense, though.  Who is in charge of what group of people within the confines of this land area, and which of those groups is better than the rest.

We don’t have time for that, people.  There are existential threats to our species out there.  We need to be focusing on defending our species from sudden death at the hands of any number of nightmare scenarios.  Whether you believe in climate change, demons being loosed from hell, asteroid strike or plague, planetary government makes sense.

Yes, the transition would be uncomfortable.  People may lose their ‘very own section of dirt’ or the right to enforce their beliefs of any kind on others, because the focus is survival of the species as a whole.

Think about it, though.  Wouldn’t an orderly transition to this make more sense than letting chaos of some kind decide?  Or through war?   This is the sort of government we would really have if we faced a tangible, immediate threat.

If you really need one: China, Russia and the United States are at each other’s throats with thermonuclear knives.  There are supervolcanoes in the world.  Nobody knows how many asteroids are potential world killers, we can’t see well to sunward.  How long until some microbe moves faster than the current scientific establishment? 

My petition: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov//petition/remove-all-symbols-favoritism-any-group-all-government-buildings

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How to fix the world.

click here to sign.

This petition is to eliminate all symbols of favoritism towards any culture or group on government buildings.

Why are we holding on to these traditions?  They cause dissention among us a a species.

It’s the 21st century. We’re holding onto concepts from centuries ago, not because they improve the world level of civilization, but because they are tradition.

I call for a restart.  We maintain our current level of technology as a starting point, but otherwise we build a new government, a new society.  We write a series of warnings for future generations, maintain historical records, but start over as a society.  The initial process would be to ake suggestions for a year from the world.  Direct democracy. This transitions into whatever basic system has the most support.  World laws are enacted to restrain the use or pursuit of any sort of inequality causing activity.  Religions are to be maintained, but are not allowed to have a vote in government.

My suggestion: 

Technocratic Meritocracy

A system of government which is based on capable people working as a team towards a goal, these people to be selected by their ability to a post that fits them.  I would suggest that we include the humanities among these posts.

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On kindness.

What?  I like them.

Yay dandelion!

I propose an idea.

The rules of society, the unspoken rules, the ones you figure out by slow, uncomfortable experience? Let’s do away with them.  Everyone is miserable in some way.  If not everyone, a ridiculous vast majority.  Most of those people are miserable because of those unwritten rules.

Lies are okay.

Me first.

He who dies with the most toys wins.

They are bad because they look/think/believe/want/need differently from us.

The misfortunes of others give us joy.


So, in their place, I say we adopt the following, as a species.

1: Be kind.

Kindness would not harm another being through deliberate action or inaction.

Kindness is aware that other human beings exist and they are all affected by my decisions.

Kindness is consistent and constant.

Kindness is not the easy thing.  It is the worthy thing.  It is the right thing.  Not just for me, but for society as a whole.  We are human beings.  We have risen above so much, but somewhere kindness was lost behind.

Kindness does not judge without reasoning.

Kindness does compromise.

Kindness asks for what it needs.

Kindness doesn’t ask unless it’s a need.

Kindness is the small thing, the common thing.  The single stirring of a butterfly wing, that eventually creates a hurricane.

Kindness is powerful.  It doesn’t flinch.  It doesn’t back down.

Kindness takes care of itself, that it might better care for others.

Kindness is subjective, but always tries to imagine what it’s like in another’s shoes.

Kindness is the rock to which civilization clings.  Trust is a kindness.  Honor, a kindness.  Truth, respect, justice, valor, all derive from kindness.


We laud ourselves for being tool using creatures.  We call ourselves sentient.  Without kindness as a constant part of who we are as a species, are we any better than animals, really?  Given a behavior comparison, how does humanity rank against the Great White Shark?  (No, really.  Have there been any studies?)


As for my proposition and the rules, there need be no more.  From kindness, all else grows.

I like elephants, too.

Yay Elephant!

Now for an injection of “sanity” from the devil’s advocate.

If humans are wrong about being better than animals, then kindness becomes a privilege.  If humans are incapable of overcoming their desires to be selfish and destructive, then perhaps reality is what it shall be.  Poverty must exist because not all can have all.  Crime, hatred, war, all must exist in a world without kindness, because greed is their root. Itself, unkind.

Kindness itself can’t spread aggressively, either.  Kindness can only be an example, spread passively.  We have to choose to do it, and change is uncomfortable at best.

So, the proposition.  Let’s try it.  Choose to be kind.  Let’s see what the world looks like with that as our driving force for a century or two.  Join me?


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If the war on drugs is over…

I came across this article: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/05/08/the-war-on-drugs-is-over-if-you-want-it.html

It’s a nice message that local police in a community is trying to help people with addiction by offering the chance for free case management and help.

What about the mentally ill?  Can we get free mental health care using the same method?  Could we walk into a police station and ask for therapy or meds?

If not, why not?

As it stands, if you have a mental illness, there is generally a multimonth wait to be seen for nonemergent reasons.  The only other option is to walk into an ER and claim suicidality.  Why do we have to go through this process?

I am of the opinion that it’s time we change this.  The world gives us a set of demands, that we conform to societal expectations, that we live with our illness quietly and seek the treatment that may or may not help us.  Fine.  If the world wants to make the demands, shouldn’t the world then provide us the possibility of care within a reasonable time and without paying what is, to those of us with a mental illness and having a low income, a princely sum?

I say all of this recognizing that the world can choose to do away with us or ignore us.  Ignoring us is perilous, given the recent events with the German plane crash, various shootings by people with mental illnesses and similar occurences. This makes it a philosophical question the world needs to answer.

Are the lives of those with mental illness of value to others?  Should they be helped? How much are their lives worth?

If not, then what?

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Panic attacks suck.


There you are, pushing yourself to do something that stresses you out.  You’re managing to do it, but it’s frustrating, but you’re doing it.  Then it happens.

That tight feeling in your chest. Pain in your arm and neck. It’s hard to breathe. You may even feel dizzy. 

It feels like a heart attack.

You call 911, walk away from what you were doing, and head to the hospital.  The pain eases but continues. They run blood tests, take xrays, do an ekg.

Everything says you’re fine.

You feel like a jackass, because you stopped doing whatever it was that was challenging you.  You feel weak, not good enough to do it, even though you were.  People tell you that you scare them, that maybe you should back down.  You think that maybe they’re right.

It’s limiting.  It’s degrading.  You can’t explain it, and you’re just not sure whether or not you should even continue to try to do hard things.

I have panic attacks sometimes.  They suck.  They try to make me spiral into self-destruction.

I could take a pill that will limit my ability to do whatever it is while it reduces my frequency of panic attacks.  Thus is not much different from giving up on it.

If I push myself to do whatever it is, my body will try to override my brain and prevent me from doing it.

I wish there was something that I could do or take to overcome this, but I haven’t found it yet.  For now, I keep trying.  I only have to succeed once to be able to know I can do it.

For now, it’s hell.  I guess I have to just put my head down and keep going, though.

If I want to do the things that are hard that I want to do, I have to keep on trying.  Things I don’t want to do, well, I won’t do unless I must

Does anyone understand this that doesn’t experience it?  Can it be explained in a better way that people will understand?  If you have thoughts on this, please tell me.  If you experience this, how do you manage?

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