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Did some site research today…

There are just some things you can’t get from a picture.  I could have stuck with google “street view” and gotten visual descriptions, but how else can you capture things like the smell of an area, the texture of the stone of a building, or the weird sense you get from a certain tree that’s grown in an odd way.

On the one hand, I think this will allow me to get across some things to the reader that I wouldn’t think of otherwise.  On the other hand… I doubt that there will be many descriptions that are as “personal” in the story, except for the places strictly in my mind.  Maybe when I have money to travel I can give a description of Romania or Bulgaria or Fiji or something.   For now…  It’ll have to be either mostly made up, so well known as to be able to be described in really broad strokes, or completely from my mind.





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I lied about loving my story, because I didn’t know I loved it.

A family friend asked me what my book was about yesterday, and I lied.  It wasn’t a conscious thing, and I didn’t even realize I had done so until thinking about it more today.

“I hear you’re writing a book.  What’s it about?” they asked.

I didn’t have a simple answer.  I didn’t even know how I really felt about the story as a whole or writing it or anything else, so I fell back on feigning a degree of almost disinterest in the book, and slightly mocking it.  Looking back, though, it simply wasn’t true.

How do you explain a complex story to someone?  I can give them the “storyline” for the book I’m writing, but the storyline for the individual book does little for anyone without the knowledge that it’s the first book in what will need to be a series.  I can give them that “storyline”, but it leaves so much out that I almost don’t WANT to say it, because it sounds almost deceptive in it’s simplicity.

I feigned disinterest in writing the book as well, as if it wasn’t “what I want to write about”, something that I have thought before, because it’s not “a reflection of what I tend to read/think/etc”.  But that’s not really true either.

Granted, the story I’m working on is not G3R4LD’s tale, and that’s the one I WANT to write, but I want to have what I write be READ first, you know?  So, this story being more in the realm of things people tend to purchase in order to read, this is the one I’m working on first.

There’s a story by David Eddings, a portion of the “Belgariad” and “Mallorean” series, where a sorcerer in training is instructed by his master to investigate a flower and return to his master when he has discovered all there is to know about it.  He studies the flower for weeks, finally returning to his master with what he learned.  His master asks, “Is that ALL there is to learn from the flower?”

He returns to studying the flower, getting to know details he hadn’t learned before, spending months this time.  He returns to his master who again asks, “Is that all?”

He returns to studying the flower again.  He curses the undying flower, as he pours hours and days and weeks and months, eventually years into the study of this one accursed flower.

Finally, he returns to his master and gives him what he has learned.  His master says, “Perhaps you should grind the flower into a fine powder and see what can be learned from it then.”

The sorcerer is aghast.  “No, master, please!” he says.

“Why not?” asks the master.

The sorcerer hesitates, finally blurting out, “Because I love the flower!”


I think that is where I’m at.  On the surface, this was not a story I would have chosen to write.  I have poured hours of thought into the story, gotten to know the characters more and more.  This story plagues my dreams at this point, and I have wished I could point out happenings to the characters at times, knowing they would appreciate them.

I have come to love the story.  At first, it was a job I wanted to do and do well.  It’s becoming a passion.

No, that’s not true either.  It’s not “becoming”.

It simply is my passion, now.

I want to write this story and give these characters life outside of my own mind.  9/3-I hope to write a bit, but I’m not definite on that.  The goal for this week, though?

9/6/13-I want to have 10,000 words written.  It can be complete garbage, but it will be 10,000 words of my first draft.

Now for the hard question.  What is the book about?

A young woman loses everything, but gains an entire world.

That’s the storyline for Book 1, anyway.  It may change as I write the book, but that’s the one I’m going to answer that particular question with for now.



David Eddings on wikipedia

Book 1 of “The Belgariad” by David Eddings

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“Tainted Love” Evolution of a song…

This is the earliest version I could find on youtube:

Great song, right?  It appeals to so many for so many reasons.  At the time, there was so much strife, women’s rights were still a new idea, segregation was still in effect, Vietnam was going on.  Gloria Jones was a black female singer during this time, and sang this popular song, written by Ed Cobb.

20 years later, “Soft Cell” covered the song.  This was not the first cover, but it was the cover that really brought the song back into the limelight, being played on MTV and associated with a popular music video.  The singer is male, and it speaks to the near desperation of a young man and his desires.  The “synthpop” styling revamped the song into something that appealed more easily to the youth of the 80s, and the song set a guinness book of world records for “longest stay on the top 100”.

Redone again, 20 years later, for the move titled,”Not another teen movie” by Marilyn Manson.  The song and video now become an attention getting anthem for the “Gothic” subculture and it’s dark “forbidden” calls.  The video mocks the “prep” college culture, suggesting that all those people in all black just might be having a more awesome time than the “popular” kids.

All of that said, I love the song.  I really like how one song, redone slightly, appeals to different audiences over a period of 40 years.  It doesn’t matter when you first heard the song, you can jam to any of the versions.  Some songs are good enough to do this, and I always enjoy trying to trace it back over time.  I look forward to the next version that will be a real change, in my opinion-the version I hope we’ll see in 2021.  🙂


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Gnarls Barkley-Crazy

Gnarls Barkley, aka Cee Lo Green, is one of my favorite musicians.  This song, “Crazy” speaks to the idea that no one really has control of their lives or anything, that such thinking is wishful at best.  I like the places I can go philosophically and thoughtfully with the message.  Add to that, the way it makes me think of “old” music in it’s melodic tones is an interesting counterpoint to the gritty sounds of more “modern” sounding musicians.  I think there is a real attraction to this type of music among gen X and later.  I know I like it, anyway.  🙂


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