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Something dark…

I feel like writing something dark…  Let’s see where this goes.  🙂



The shrieks of the machines whined in the darkness, their keening overpowering all other sounds.  The belt on which Jennifer lay trundled on, unstoppable.

She was bound both hands together, both feet together, with a rope from her hands to her feet, constricting her movement.  The ropes were coarse and bit into the delicate flesh of her wrists and ankles, bending her forward into a stooped position.  She laid on her side, whimpering in the dark.

Shapes could be seen as she passed the machinery, mindless beings wrapped in dark, malevolent purpose.  The light was dim, not enough to grasp at details of her surroundings, just enough to make out the malevolent shapes moving toward purposes unknown.

She heard other whimpering, screams, sobs from nearby.  She was not alone in her plight.  Lights blazed occasionally, blinding her further as she was examined like a culture on a petrie dish.

Helpless, she struggled, feeling the belt trundle on, uncaring.

The belt came to an end, and the drop seemed endless, caroming through a void that she could only imagine at the end.  She heard shrieks of terror from above and below, but her voice froze in her throat.  Soundlessly, she fell into the darkness.

She came to a sudden stop, bouncing onto another belt.  Her bruised and contorted body screamed into her mind in agony as bones bent in ways they were never meant to.

The new belt was different.  As it trundled, it paused occasionally.  Trundle, trundle, pause.  Trundle, trundle, pause.  It seemed to be a pattern with a purpose, but Jennifer could not ascertain what it was, lost in the madness of helpless fear, rage, and sorrow.

Jennifer heard shrieks over the whines of nearby machinery.  The shrieks were not just of pain, but of loss.

Trundle, trundle, pause.

Light glowed from down the belt.

Trundle, trundle, pause.

The screams grew nearer, followed by audible sobs now, along with a new noise.

Trundle, trundle, pause, thunk, shriek, sob.

The light was near enough that she could see hands over the belt.  She still could make out no detail, but she saw the hands fall with each “thunk”.

Trundle, trundle, pause, thunk, shriek, sobbing.

The light was near enough to blind again, and Jennifer noticed the belt was damp, sticky with a substance she couldn’t identify.

Trundle, trundle, pause…

The light was blinding.  The hands dropped, efficiently grabbing her.  She felt one set of hands on her shoulders, spinning her up, while another grabbed… no!

With an excruciating RIP! her gossamer wings were torn from her back, the wounds left immediately weeping blood.  Jennifer shrieked.  She fled deep into her mind as the pain exploded into her body, wresting the last visage of sanity from her.

Trundle, trundle… and she was falling, falling… falling into the dark unknown.


Interesting, if nothing else.  Sometimes the darker, primal things want to come out, and this is the sort of thing that is the result.  Please, let me know what you think.  I have no idea who Jennifer the fairy is, or what her past or future holds, but it seems as though she is having a rough day, if nothing else.

Maybe it’s a nightmare, something she lives through every night.

Maybe she is not a fairy at all, and the machine is society, ripping her uniqueness from her and forcing her into a future she is unprepared for, and terrified of.

I have no idea.

Do you?

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