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Time travel-Paradox? No problem. (Theory)

Time Travel.  It’s one of those pie in the sky ideas that everyone tends to have a ‘great’ scientific reason for why it would never work.

Basically, the main theory that is brought up is that if one travels into the past, you could create a paradox-like killing your own father.  After that, something bad would happen.  There’s plenty of thoughts on what the “bad” thing would be out there, and if you want one of those, I suggest you google it.

I have a thought, though.  I have always heard of time being called “the 4th dimension” as if it was another axis of existence.  What if they are wrong?

I’m no mathematician, so let me give you my thought in layman’s terms.  What if time is not one axis, but a plane?  Two axes that cross, forming the “plane” we call time.

This would result in something like the following:


George stepped into the time machine, setting it for 1928 in Germany.  He pressed the button and the machine whirred and buzzed, there was a flash.

There he was, in 1928.  He spied a man just finishing a discussion with a reporter.  Brown hair, brown eyes, a somewhat distracted yet haughty expression on his face.

George walked up to him and said, “Wie heißen sie?”

The man stopped suddenly, his eyes squinting in confusion at George’s odd appearance.  “Ich heisse Adolf Hitler.”

George smiled, pulled the .38 special from his pocket, and shot Hitler in the head.  His brain evacuated from his skull, he fell down dead.

George ran back, jumped into the machine, and hit the “Return to last” button.  A flash, a whirr, and he reappeared in his office.


Now, you may recognize this from the old plot of the game “Command and Conquer: Red Alert”.  George has gone back 85 years, killed one influential man, and now all of history should be rewritten.  If time is not one axis, but a plane, then this is what happens:


George rushed out of the machine, excitedly grabbed the nearby history textbook.  He began to scan the book for World War 2…  and found that nothing had changed.

Confused, he goes back to the machine.  He changes the date to the following day in 1928, and hits the button.

Arriving in 1928, the day after he shot Hitler, he is stunned to see Adolf Hitler come out of the nearby butchery.  George immediately got back into the machine, now setting the machine for 1 minute prior to his earlier arrival, and offset the spot of appearance into a nearby alley.  He hit the button.

Emerging from the machine, he crept down the alley until he could see clearly the exact spot of his earlier arrival.  He waits the last few seconds and sees himself appear, and events unfold just as they had the last trip.

A gunshot.  Hitler lies dead.  The original George leaps back to the machine and hits the return button.  People pour from the nearby buildings, having heard the shot, and Hitler is indeed dead.  George returned to the device and hit return to origin.  He stepped out, less hopeful, and grabs up the history textbook.

Nothing has changed.


Odd, huh?  I’d be confused as well, if I were George, because George is thinking of time as a line.


George sat and thought.  Suddenly, inspiration struck.

He headed over to the machine and added a few commands in a batch file.  He ran the file and hit send.  On the display, it read, “Origin marked”.

Arriving back in 1928, at a new location just before his last two arrivals, he stepped from the machine and waited.

There was a buzz.  A gunshot.  Another buzz.  Screams.

He walked down the street to have a look, and saw that Hitler was dead.

George returned to the machine.  He ran the batch file with the added command to save the result as “origin 2”

Pleased with himself, he set the computer to move to 2013 based on origin 2.  He pressed the button.

George stepped out of the machine, and went to pick up a nearby paper.  It was now 2013 in what should have been Germany.

He looked at the paper, then slowly looked around at the signs and license plates on the cars.

Cyrillic.  The Russian alphabet.


George has now thought of time as a plane.  He set the point of original reference, the point of “divergence” as his base, and moved up the stream from there.  He is now at a new point on the “plane” of time.

What do you think?  Does this “fix” the problem of time paradoxes?  George is now a ‘guest’ on a new timeline.  There may or may not be another George running around this place, but that hardly matters, as the traveling George is not “the same material” or anything.  He is “new material”.  He can shake hands with himself with nothing bad happening or anything.

Would this leave a “material vacuum” in the original universe?  Maybe.

It might be an interesting story, wouldn’t it?  🙂

(Sorry for the quality of writing for the story.  I was deliberately trying to keep it extremely basic.)

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The cross time telegraph

I came across an article recently that talked about the possibility of sending information through time using quantum mechanics.  Something akin to a cross-time telegraph.  This is what entered my brain regarding the concept.


John stared at the machine.  Years of study.  Thousands of hours of labor.  Suffering while being mocked for the idea, and then hiding from the occasional death threat while working on the machine.

It had all come down to this defining moment.

The machine was nothing special to look at.  A dull gray plastic box with an attached keyboard and old dot-matrix printer.  By appearance it would have been easily mistaken for an attempt to make a typewriter by reverse engineering a computer.

The machine didn’t move.

Not that John was shocked, as it was never meant to move on it’s own volition or without power applied.  An outsider who saw John’s face may have mistaken his expression for that of a new and reluctant father trying to consider their newborn.

John took the plug attached to the machine and plugged it into the wall.

Chaos sprang from the silence.

The printer began screaming it’s dots onto the page.  John stood, transfixed, watching his creation do exactly what it was meant to do.  His hands trembled as the screaming printer stopped it’s action.  He touched the paper which hung limply out of the now calm machine.

Printed on the page was a portion of a phrase.  Simple English words which had not been programmed into the machine, but delivered to it from another source, some time in the future, with one slight exception.

“not early”

John stared at the two words.  They were definitely words, but from who?  More importantly, from when?

Turning to the keyboard, John noticed his palms were slick and damp with sweat.  He quickly rubbed them on his pants and typed,”Who are you?”

Nothing happened.

John waited.  Still nothing happened.  Minutes stretched into hours and there was no response from the other end of time.

Frustrated, John unplugged the machine and removed the plastic cover of the machine.  Inside was a chaotic twist of wires and fibers, soldered and attached to various points on silicon boards.  Everything seemed to be secure and functional.

John plugged the machine back in.

Nothing happened.  With a sigh,John sat before the keyboard.  He chuckled and typed,”I hope I’m not early” and froze.

The printer screamed loudly, the flicker of LED’s on the boards flashed, showing the internal parts that stood bare to the world were indeed functional.

John stared at the printer fixedly, his mind whirling with what had just occurred.  The printer shrieked for attention again, John anxiously reached for the paper, but in his excitement lost his balance.  He flailed his arms to stay upright and knocked into one of the legs of the table which supported his machine.

The table, being fairly ancient, promptly collapsed, taking the open machine to the floor and allowing the delicate electronics and painstakingly soldered wires to smash themselves, disrupting fragile connections.  John stared at the machine. Repairs would take months and thousands of dollars, not to mention the agony of facing people who knew he intended to do a test today.

His mind reeling, his heart racing, he reached for the paper and read the words.

“Who are you?”

John’s heart tried to double it’s frenzy, and failed.  Having faced long hours, stress, despair, and now high excitement and frustration, it froze.  John’s breath hitched as he struggled for life.  His eyes took on a puzzled cast as they moved across the electronics, at the still-let LEDs.  his vision darkened.

The printer screamed.


I did promise something original for you guys today.  I’m sure the story has been done before somewhere, in some way.  But I wrote it off the top of my head over the past 20 minutes.  That makes it “original” to me, at least.  🙂

Let me know what you think of the writing “style” more than anything.  I am always trying to improve, and it’s hard to be objective when I wrote it.  Thank you!

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