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On “Erotica”…

I’ve been asked about this a few times, and I wanted to express my thoughts on the topic.

First of all, if I ever write something that I don’t want one of my children reading, or at least not until they are an appropriate age, I’ll include a warning either on the cover or in the description.  I’m not going to say that I will never write something that contains some form of erotica, but it’s not something I foresee right now.

Secondly, erotica is, to me, low hanging fruit.  You can only describe genitalia and the interactions between people involving them so many ways.  Once you’ve covered all the possibilities, you’re left with just looking for new metaphors and similes.  I don’t really want to describe to you every time a person uses the bathroom for the same reason.  It might be mentioned, at some point, but some things are just best left to the imagination, in my opinion.

When it comes to erotica and romance and such, I think about it in much the same way Stephen King takes his position on “scary things”.   To paraphrase, it’s frightening to walk into a room full of blood and guts, but it’s far more terrifying to walk into a dark room, look for the light switch, and feel a large, hairy hand guide your hand to one.  That’s what I think of, well, most things, really.  Is it better to have a full on graphic sex scene, or is it better to describe the interactions that lead to it, the little moments that matter followed by a nod in that direction?

As for my current novel/series…  the different relationships need quite a bit of time to develop as it is.  I will be pretty surprised if any of them gets to a point past brief kisses, fond touches and fluttering eyes anytime soon, and even if it potentially goes there, I have to refer back to the idea that I want my kids to be able to pick it up and read it without getting any specific ideas.

In summary, will I ever write any kind of graphic erotica?  Maybe, possibly, someday, forever is a longish time that’s hard to judge.  Probably not tomorrow, though.
I still have more things for you to read for the sake of characters and plots, and I don’t want to distract you with that right now.  🙂


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Getting the story out

People talk to me all the time about things that start with “if only” or “what if…?”

I think that mental place is the land of creativity.  You look at something, apply a dab of logic, come up with a timeline, and before you know it-you have a story that is unique, a mental toy you can play with and tweak anytime you want.

I think everyone, on some level, wanders into this world.  Show me a person that has never been there, not even for the “What if I won the lottery?” idea.

That place is where stories come from.  Everyone has a story, but some are just better storytellers.  The stories themselves are all good stories, whether we’re talking about something historical, something fantastic or supernatural, something that fills people with terror or joy.

It comes down to telling the story in a way that people can understand it.  Writing isn’t the only way, either-some of the best stories out there are hidden in a piece of visual art or a song.

The only problem I see is that, when these stories stay hidden, sometimes they become traps for people.  They lose some of their joy for what their life is as they consider the beauty of “What if?”.

My solution to this is simple-for me, I write it out.  Even if it’s something I don’t want anyone else to ever see, I write it out and get it out.  There’s a certain catharsis to be found when you tell a story, however you do it.  You put it out there in the world and it’s no longer just this wild idea stuck in your head for you to go over and over and wish was real.

Try it sometime.  When you find yourself ruminating about things that “could have been” or anything, write it, draw it, sing it, whatever it takes.  Then, look at it honestly and judge it.  Is it wishful thinking?  Did you consider the things that could go wrong?  Is there something you’re missing?

Maybe your story will turn into a novel, a hit song, an artistic masterpiece.  Maybe it will remain “just something you think about sometimes”.  The important thing is that you get it out, somehow.  The story is waiting to be told, and you will only become a better teller by doing exactly that, telling the story.  🙂

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My “Every Breath You Take” writing method…


Sometimes, as a writer, you hit a snag.  Some call it “writer’s block”.  Some call it “burn out”.  I hit it the other day, but I still want to feel as though I’m making progress.
This song is my writing method to do it.  Every moment the “point of view” character is experiencing, I’m writing.  I might gloss over using the bathroom(who wants to share that particular experience?) but otherwise, it’s moment by moment, heavy description.  It’s slow, tedious, but hey, the story is progressing, and at some point, I’ll be able to hit my stride again.  This might end up mostly on the editing floor, but it’s coming out well, I think, even if it’s only a trickle.

Progress is progress, isn’t it?


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Did some site research today…

There are just some things you can’t get from a picture.  I could have stuck with google “street view” and gotten visual descriptions, but how else can you capture things like the smell of an area, the texture of the stone of a building, or the weird sense you get from a certain tree that’s grown in an odd way.

On the one hand, I think this will allow me to get across some things to the reader that I wouldn’t think of otherwise.  On the other hand… I doubt that there will be many descriptions that are as “personal” in the story, except for the places strictly in my mind.  Maybe when I have money to travel I can give a description of Romania or Bulgaria or Fiji or something.   For now…  It’ll have to be either mostly made up, so well known as to be able to be described in really broad strokes, or completely from my mind.




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