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Something interesting developing in my head…

I might make a new blog for this concept, it might be a book or just a story or…  I have no idea.  I just found it interesting and wanted to share it with you.



Objectives: This unit is to examine potential destructive animal species 1174902 found in section 37134.78 by 27136.89 by 787135.2 Spiral Galaxy 27351


This unit has been selected for passive investigation of animal and plant species on planet 3 orbiting beta type star.


This unit has specialized in higher level machine cognition and a previously unusable low-level decision making matrices.


This unit will report regularly by burst channel communication not to exceed 40KBits per report.


This unit will be retrieved when threat status of potential destructive animal species is maintained in a critical state-to be shown on a scored scale.


Message Ends



Welcome to how my brain introduces me to stories!  Nope, no idea yet where it’s going.  🙂





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On “Erotica”…

I’ve been asked about this a few times, and I wanted to express my thoughts on the topic.

First of all, if I ever write something that I don’t want one of my children reading, or at least not until they are an appropriate age, I’ll include a warning either on the cover or in the description.  I’m not going to say that I will never write something that contains some form of erotica, but it’s not something I foresee right now.

Secondly, erotica is, to me, low hanging fruit.  You can only describe genitalia and the interactions between people involving them so many ways.  Once you’ve covered all the possibilities, you’re left with just looking for new metaphors and similes.  I don’t really want to describe to you every time a person uses the bathroom for the same reason.  It might be mentioned, at some point, but some things are just best left to the imagination, in my opinion.

When it comes to erotica and romance and such, I think about it in much the same way Stephen King takes his position on “scary things”.   To paraphrase, it’s frightening to walk into a room full of blood and guts, but it’s far more terrifying to walk into a dark room, look for the light switch, and feel a large, hairy hand guide your hand to one.  That’s what I think of, well, most things, really.  Is it better to have a full on graphic sex scene, or is it better to describe the interactions that lead to it, the little moments that matter followed by a nod in that direction?

As for my current novel/series…  the different relationships need quite a bit of time to develop as it is.  I will be pretty surprised if any of them gets to a point past brief kisses, fond touches and fluttering eyes anytime soon, and even if it potentially goes there, I have to refer back to the idea that I want my kids to be able to pick it up and read it without getting any specific ideas.

In summary, will I ever write any kind of graphic erotica?  Maybe, possibly, someday, forever is a longish time that’s hard to judge.  Probably not tomorrow, though.
I still have more things for you to read for the sake of characters and plots, and I don’t want to distract you with that right now.  🙂

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Getting the story out

People talk to me all the time about things that start with “if only” or “what if…?”

I think that mental place is the land of creativity.  You look at something, apply a dab of logic, come up with a timeline, and before you know it-you have a story that is unique, a mental toy you can play with and tweak anytime you want.

I think everyone, on some level, wanders into this world.  Show me a person that has never been there, not even for the “What if I won the lottery?” idea.

That place is where stories come from.  Everyone has a story, but some are just better storytellers.  The stories themselves are all good stories, whether we’re talking about something historical, something fantastic or supernatural, something that fills people with terror or joy.

It comes down to telling the story in a way that people can understand it.  Writing isn’t the only way, either-some of the best stories out there are hidden in a piece of visual art or a song.

The only problem I see is that, when these stories stay hidden, sometimes they become traps for people.  They lose some of their joy for what their life is as they consider the beauty of “What if?”.

My solution to this is simple-for me, I write it out.  Even if it’s something I don’t want anyone else to ever see, I write it out and get it out.  There’s a certain catharsis to be found when you tell a story, however you do it.  You put it out there in the world and it’s no longer just this wild idea stuck in your head for you to go over and over and wish was real.

Try it sometime.  When you find yourself ruminating about things that “could have been” or anything, write it, draw it, sing it, whatever it takes.  Then, look at it honestly and judge it.  Is it wishful thinking?  Did you consider the things that could go wrong?  Is there something you’re missing?

Maybe your story will turn into a novel, a hit song, an artistic masterpiece.  Maybe it will remain “just something you think about sometimes”.  The important thing is that you get it out, somehow.  The story is waiting to be told, and you will only become a better teller by doing exactly that, telling the story.  🙂

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The agony of trying to promote a book-a call for readers/reviewers

There are bunches of ways to promote yourself as an author, and bunches of ways to promote a book you wrote, but it appears to me that, unless you are “traditionally published”, you need quite a bit of luck.

I’m taking some time today to really investigate some of those options.  I have updated my profile on linkedin from a tongue in cheek profile to one that (hopefully) sounds more professional.  Friends are pointing me in all sorts of directions, and I’m just trying to figure out which one to go with.

That said-are there any of you out there who would like to receive a copy of Fairy Ring in trade for an honest review?  If so, get in touch!



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Where having a mental illness and writing for publication come into wild conflict…


55,000 words.  I have reached a critical point for the protagonist.  Hit by bad news a couple of months ago, with which she ‘rolled with the punches’, she is hit by another hit.

Having Bipolar and its connected weirdness when it comes to emotional response in a time of crisis makes this REALLY difficult to write about.  I forced out a chapter, but it doesn’t work.  It’s not who she is, to be basically, “Well, what do we do?”.

For me-I would shut down.  My brain would stop working for awhile.  My thoughts would be completely disjointed and unreasoned, and my outward emotion would become completely flat.  I would be like that until my brain ‘rebooted in safe mode’ (I have no idea what goes on in there or how it happens, but that’s my experience).  I would be intensely logical in dealing with the situation, almost inhumanly so.  All options would be on the table for consideration, and I would want to weigh them all.  I would want to get alone for awhile to think through it, then possibly seek some kind of assistance/advice.

The bad thing is…  I am not the person my protagonist is, nor have I experienced what she is experiencing.

She’s 18 years old.  Her parents were killed in a house fire which she thinks was caused by some nefarious entity.  She did her best to get through it, with the help of her best frioend and her best friend’s family.  She went ahead and began college, attending a few days/couple of weeks of classes.  She escorted a guy that sparked her interest home after he injured herself, but then got freaked out by unfamiliar things in the evening in the city, fell in a fountain that turned out to be a portal to another world, and while there, found out that she is somehow connected to the fae beings that live there.

She made it back to this world, reunited with the friend, went to a party with her friend, and they were drugged.  The friend has been kidnapped and taken through a portal.

Now she wakes up.  She’s a strong person, but good grief, she’s under a LOT of strain.  Does she shut down?  For how long?  What does she do with the guy who rescued her before she wound up through the portal as well?

I wrote a draft chapter.  It works, kind of.  If she is an emotionless robot.  Anyone  have any thing that might help?  Links to expressions of emotion, especially interior experience wourld really help me here. 

Thanks in advance!


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Research, research, research…

I’m researching.

The more I write on this story, the more research I’m finding myself doing.  On a fiction novel.

In this day and age, where people read something in a novel or see it in a movie or TV show, when I come to something that a person might possibly come across at a needed moment, I really want to get it RIGHT.  Part of it is also the importance of not ‘throwing someone out of the story’ by supplying entirely false examples of ‘how-to’ things.

For example, if my character were changing a tire in a scene, and I had them jack up the car and then pull off the lugnuts, a lot of people who had changed a tire would focus on the fact that it’s REALLY hard to do it that way, that you have to loosen the lugnuts with the wheel on the ground.

Another example, for those of you who don’t change tires, but are somewhat fanatical when it comes to spelling and grammar, would be that you may have just focused on the fact that it’s properly “lug nuts”-two words, not one. When I deal with fantastic ideas, I’ll have a lot more freedom to do as I please, but for now…

Sidenote-thank goodness for things like ‘wikihow’.  If you’re an author and need to know the ‘how’ of things, and don’t have time to examine in detail things like changing a tire, it’s a nice time saver.

As for the blog, well, I’m just really focusing on the book right now.  I have a couple of articles running around in my head, but they’re not done cooking yet anyway.  If there’s something you want to hear, get in touch.

Potential articles in mind:  “On suicide”, and “On Love”-similar to the “On bipolar” article, just logical looks at them, with a bit more microscopic detail than the average.

Spoilers-What is love?  What is not love?  Is love an action or what, exactly?

Why do people commit suicide?  Why do people talk about suicide? Is it normal or should we call the shrinks at the first comment relating to the topic?


Anyway, I’ll get to those eventually.  Patience, everybody.  Know that I’m reading you guys as I have time, and thank you to everyone who drops by.  Catch ya later!


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Facial description… GAH!

I have never thought very hard about describing a face.  A face is a face, and the reader is going to see who they see, whether you say they have an angular or round face, a lantern jaw, or whatever.

Suddenly, though, it’s vital.  I have spent an hour agonizing over facial descriptions, after having my helpful in-house editors point out that it’s important.

Here’s a sample: Her soft round face was sprinkled with a light spray of freckles.  Her jade green eyes peeked from behind her hair, tight auburn curls that bounced playfully as she shook her head.

Yes.  That sentence took an hour of looking at pictures, thinking of how they fit the character, and then figuring out words that would convey the image in my head into words.  If you have a picture from that description in your mind, and can match it to a name of someone with a picture online, let me know.  I want to see how close I’m coming to what is in my head with my words.

Thank you in advance.  🙂

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